Genshin Impact: An Artist Adrift Quest Guide

A driving artist is a quest in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the version 3.6 update, you must help a creative soul who may be lost. Here’s our guide to help you complete An Artist Adrift.

How to complete a drifting artist in Genshin Impact

An Artist Adrift will become available as you do so Khvarena of Good and Evil quest line. This is a multi-stage quest that requires you to wait for a daily reset to progress to the next part.

An Artist on the Run: Day 1

You will find the artist Julien sitting in a cave. If you couldn’t get there the first time, your best bet is to use the teleporter north of the Asipattavana swamp. From there, slide down to the lower plateau and follow the narrow path that leads to the Samudra coast. You will see a crevice that will lead you to the cave.

Talk to Julien and he will ask you to check his luggage near the shore. Another marked spot will appear where you will meet a dog named Pepper. Return to Julien to complete this task.

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An Artist on the Run: Day 2

On the next daily reset, you’ll find Julien back in the cave. Defeat the enemies around him and go back into the tunnel. You’ll notice glowing icons near Hilichurl enemies that represent clues on where to find his canvas.

Eventually you will reach the end of the tunnel. You will see Pepper again and then be able to pick up the canvas.

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An Artist on the Run: Day 3

Finally, Julien will ask you to go to Vourukasha Oasis. There will be a time trial challenge here where you will have to use grab points and bouncy mushrooms to reach the goal. The timer is pretty generous (i.e. five minutes) so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

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After that, your task is to show the artist a beautiful sight. Activate Sorush and glide across the flower field. This causes new flowers to bloom. Likewise, you should hover and touch all the little green orbs in the area. Julien will be amazed at the sight and he will be at a loss for words.

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And this is how you complete An Artist Adrift in Genshin Impact. To be honest, it’s the wait time for each daily reset that’s the biggest annoyance. In any case, you can learn more about it Genshin Impact in our leads hub.

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