Genshin Impact: Baizhu Best Team Comps Guide

Baizhu played a supporting role in Genshin ImpactS history for quite some time. And funnily enough, he’ll also play a supporting role in your roster. As a 5-star dendro healer, you want to find the ideal settings for him. Here is our guide that will help you with the best team comps for Baizhu in Genshin Impact.

The best team comps for Baizhu in Genshin Impact

Before we talk about the ideal setups for Baizhu, let’s look at a few facets that make his kit unique:

  • His Elemental Burst creates a shield that heals and attacks enemies whenever it refreshes, breaks, or expires. It updates automatically every 2.5 seconds, for a total of six instances per use.
  • One of his passive talents increases the damage of Dendro-based Reactions inflicted by your teammates. This is based on every 1,000 HP points of Baizhu, not exceeding 50,000.

Cyno Agravate/Hyperbloom

  • Required: Baizhu and Cyno
  • Other electro: Fischl or Yae Miko
  • Other Dendro: Nahida or Dendro Traveler
  • Other Hydro (on Hyperbloom): Xingqiu or Yelan

Without a doubt the best team composition for Baizhu in Genshin Impact is one that relies heavily on Cyno. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that getting Baizhu means you already have your healer, so you can drop Kokomi or Kuki for someone else. The second is the all-important interrupting resistance provided by shields.

Considering Cyno is a selfish main DPS who needs to be on the field for long periods of time, his lack of interrupt resistance makes him extremely vulnerable when swinging with his Elemental Burst active. Although Baizhu’s shields are relatively weak, the mere fact that they refresh automatically means Cyno can tank hits while continuously running his attack chain.

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Screenshot of GameSkinny

Accelerate – Aggravate/Spread

  • Required: Baizhu
  • Main DPS: Alhaitham (Dendro) or Keqing (Electro)
  • Other Dendro: Nahida, Dendro Traveler or Collei
  • Other electro: Fischl or Yae Miko
  • Flex Anemo (if needed): Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti

While Kuki Shinobu excels as a healer for this type of squad, and by extension Yaoyao and Dori, Baizhu’s presence means you have a 5-star option at your disposal.

Nilous Bloom team

  • Requires: Baizhu and Nilou
  • Other Dendro: Nahida, Kaveh or Dendro Traveler
  • Other Hydro: Xingqiu or Yelan

Last but not least, there is Nilou’s bloom composition to consider. Her passive grants large bonuses to blossom damage if you only have Dendro and Hydro characters in your squad. Since Baizhu already fulfills the healer role, you can drop the Hydro healer slot, which is usually occupied by either Kokomi or Barbara.

All in all, Baizhu’s best team comes into play Genshin Impact Most importantly, look at the extra flexibility it offers. Prior to its inception, certain factions were set in stone due to the choice pool of healers. Now you have someone who has the role of healer and dendro applicator, something that used to be limited only to Yaoyao. More importantly, the Shield Refresh ensures interrupt resistance through its burst, which is perfect for main DPS characters like Cyno or anyone who has a longer attack sequence on the field.

In any case, these are our suggestions when it comes to Baizhu’s squads. For more information on this character, check out our guides on best weapons and artifacts for Baizhu and the best build/talents guide for Baizhu. You can also visit ours Genshin Impact Guides hub.

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