Genshin Impact: Baizhu Build and Talents Guide

Baizhu is a 5 star dendro healer in Genshin Impact. Although he has been around for quite some time and participates in various quests, he now has a chance to become part of your squad as part of the v3.6 update. He has a powerful support kit that can easily keep your characters in top condition. Here is our guide to help you with the best build and talents for Baizhu Genshin Impact. To learn more about the character, you can also check out our other Baizhu guides on his best weapons/artifacts And best team compositions.

Baizhu’s best talents and skills in Genshin Impact

Normal Attack: Acupuncture classics – Boosts your normal, charged and dashing attacks; this can be completely ignored.

Elemental Ability: Universal Diagnosis – Throws a Gossamer Sprite that deals Dendro damage. It will either attack up to three times or return to Baizhu if there are no enemies nearby. When it returns, it heals based on Baizhu’s max HP.

Elemental Burst: Holistic Revival – Creates a shield that absorbs Dendro damage; automatically refreshes the shield every 2.5 seconds. The shield heals your active character and attacks a nearby enemy when it expires, refreshes, or is interrupted.

Priority: Burst = Skill > Normal Attack.

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Baizhu’s passive

herbal food – When Baizhu is in the party, interacting with harvestable items heals your active character for 2.5% of Baizhu’s Max HP.

Five fortunes forever – Baizhu gets +20% healing bonus when the active character has less than 50% HP, or +25% Dendro damage when he has over 50% HP.

All things are of the earth – Characters healed by the Elemental Burst’s shields receive increased dendro-based reaction damage: 2% for Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom and Burgeon; 0.8% for Aggravate and Spread. This bonus is applied for every 1,000 HP not exceeding 50,000.

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Baizhu’s constellations

C1: careful observation – The elemental skill gets +1 extra charge.

C2: Sharp discrimination – An active character attacking an enemy causes Baizhu to fire a sprite that deals 250% of Baizhu’s ATK and heals for 20% of the elemental skill value.

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C3: All aspects stabilized – +3 elemental explosion levels; Capping at level 15.

C4: Ancient art of perception – +80 Elemental Mastery for all party members for 15 seconds after casting your Elemental Burst.

C5: The hidden ebb and flow – +3 elemental skill levels; Capping at level 15.

C6: Elimination of malicious qi – Increases Elemental Damage by 8% of Baizhu’s Max HP; creates a shield after using your elemental skill.

We generally do not recommend getting a constellation for Baizhu. Healers rarely, if ever, completely change the meta or significantly increase your team’s overall performance. Therefore, you see negligible upgrades compared to the cost.

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Summary of Baizhu Characters

So how exactly does Baizhu stack? Genshin Impactespecially when we look at talents and roles?

  • Baizhu is mainly used in a support role, so try not to expect too much if you want him to become a main DPS. Most of the time he’s just there to heal and apply a bit of Dendro. He can do this while off or on the field (i.e. a single normal attack applies Dendro since he’s a Catalyst user).
  • Due to the way his Elemental Burst works, he is primarily used for the single target Dendro application. However, its elemental ability can hit up to three enemies, which is not a full/group AoE attack.
  • Although its elemental blast creates a shield, it’s ridiculously weak and will break easily. The good news is that shielding prevents interruptions. And since the shield can be refreshed every 2.5 seconds, six interrupts are avoided each time it is used.
  • As a healer, Baizhu opens up additional options for your party. Still, it might not be a must if you already have Yaoyao.

In any case, these are just a few tips on Baizhu’s best talents and physique. For more facets of the character see our best guide for weapons/artifacts And Best team comps guide. You can also visit ours Genshin Impact leads hub.

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