Genshin Impact: Best Characters for A Thousand Floating Dreams

A Thousand Floating Dreams is a 5 star Catalyst weapon in Genshin Impact. With increases in Elemental Mastery (EM), it becomes an integral part of a fighter’s loadout if they can maximize its usage. Here we list the best characters to use the weapon along with their stats and perks.

Best Genshin Impact Characters for Thousand Floating Dreams

The best character for A Thousand Floating Dreams in Genshin Impact is none other than Nahida. The weapon’s banner will appear whenever Nahida’s banner is also available, making this her signature weapon. Plus, it just goes really well with their kit.

Nahida primarily functions as a support character who has a passive talent that increases party members’ Elemental Mastery based on their own EM stat. Therefore, the flat boost as well as increased coefficients make this an ideal armament.

Similarly, Nahida’s Burst gains buffs based on her teammates’ element types, making good use of the 10% bonus damage. Conversely, if another Dendro character is with her (i.e. as a battery or extra proc), she has even more EM.

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Yes Miko is a viable candidate for A Thousand Floating Dreams, assuming you weren’t lucky enough to get Nahida. The problem, however, is that Miko’s best-in-slot weapon is Kagura’s Verity, which works well for her own loadout.

Finally there is sucrose, and A Thousand Floating Dreams can also be considered their best weapon. The problem is that 5 star weapons are already very expensive and you don’t really want to equip them on a 4 star character. She’s better off with sacrificial fragments, which are easier to get.

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However, if you can acquire duplicates of A Thousand Floating Dreams, you can give Sucrose an extra one, maybe to further stack the extra EM.

Statistics for a thousand floating dreams

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The A Thousand Floating Dreams catalyst can only be obtained when its weapon banner is displayed. Here are its stats and notable benefits:

  • Benefit: Dawnsong of a Thousand Nights: Party members other than the equipping character grant buffs depending on their element:
    • If their element is the same, the bearer gets +32 EM.
    • If not, the wearer gets +10% damage to their element.
    • Each effect can have up to three stacks.
    • All party members other than the equipping character get +40 EM and multiple boosts can be stacked.
  • Has Elemental Mastery as a sub-stat; +542 ATK and +265 EM at level 90.
  • Refinement ranks increase EM and damage bonuses.

Either way, A Thousand Floating Dreams is just one of many 5-star weapons you can get via the Wish/Gacha mechanic Genshin Impact. It’s a worthy move if you have the best characters to match it with. You may also find more information in our guide on the subject Best Characters for the Key of Khaj-Nisut.

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