Genshin Impact: Brewing Developments Event Guide

Brewing Developments is an event added as part of the Genshin Impact Update version 3.6. During the event, you’ll fight dozens of enemies and complete challenges to get a high score and get rewards. If you are wondering how to complete it, this guide will tell you how to access it, increase the score multiplier, use buffs and much more.

How to complete the brewing evolutions in Genshin Impact

To start the Genshin Impact Brewing Developments event, simply open the event panel and click the Go to Quest button to track the relevant quest on your map. Go to the location south of the ruins of Dahri in Sumeru and you will find an NPC and a domain portal. Talk to the NPC and you can participate in the challenges.

Brewing Developments enemies, buffs and rewards

When you do a Brewing Developments challenge you can adjust the difficulty to increase the score multiplier. From there you want to build a party of four characters. There are also some test characters that are provided just in case you don’t already have them or haven’t leveled them yet.

Your goal in this event is to eliminate as many enemies as possible within the time limit of each round (with a maximum of three rounds per challenge). Once you’ve completed all encounters, you’ll see your high score.

You can assign the same characters in consecutive turns, although the types of enemies can be different.

  • For example, Round 1 of the Thundergrass Resonance Challenge has Fungi Mobs, while Round 2 and Round 3 have Hilichurls/Mitachurls and Eremites/Treasure Hoarders, respectively.
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Another mechanic in this challenge is the shock cooker. There are four types of buffs per turn, and some activate at 20 second intervals.

  • For example, the first round has various buffs that increase Dendro damage, Electro damage, Energy Recharge, and Resistance Crushing when you trigger Accelerate, Difficult, or Disperse.

The only downside is that these buffs tend to activate randomly. As such, we suggest working with an ideal team that you’re comfortable with, rather than building a roster based on the random buffs you might receive.

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In any case, the challenges tend to have a high score threshold of 4,000 points. When you open the event panel, you can claim rewards such as Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Sumeru Talent Books.

But that’s how you close Genshin Impact Event challenges for brewery developments. More encounters will be unlocked in the coming days, but for now, you can check out ours leads hub for more about the 3.6 update.

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