Genshin Impact: Hymn of Tir Yazad Quest Walkthrough Guide

The Anthem of Tir Yazad is a side quest in Genshin Impact and the last part of the larger one Khvarena of Good and Evil quest line. It will take you to strange places and desecrated chambers and task you with obtaining Spenta Hearts. Here is our guide to help you complete the mission.

How to complete the Anthem of Tir Yazad Quest in Genshin Impact

The Anthem of Tir Yazad quest becomes available once you complete the quest. Like the Khvarena’s light shows. Make your way to the marked location and you will be greeted by the Pari nymphs you encountered on your journey.

Your goal now is to place the Great Songs of Khvarena in the containers. The first is an easy task, but the other places are sealed by corruption.

To clear these areas, you must defeat nearby enemies or use Sorush to cling to the top of the towers to destroy the dark orbs.

When you’re done, talk to the Pari, which will open the Tunigi Hollow pit. Jump into the crevice and you will be taken to a mysterious cave.

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Defiled Chambers and Spenta Hearts

In this next part of the Anthem of Tir Yazad quest, you’ll want to use your grappling hook and Sorush’s powers to bridge gaps. As you climb you will see portals leading to Defiled Chambers. Think of it as a kind of mini-domain, with a few notable mechanics:

  • If you activate Sorush and hold the interact button, she can reveal moving platforms, allowing you to traverse them. Alternatively, characters like Kazuha and Wanderer can provide additional verticality.
  • Farrwicks will hover around as soon as you touch them, and they’ll free Rifthounds for you to kill. Likewise, they let you pick up delicate orbs called Spenta Hearts (each Desecrated Chamber has two Spenta Hearts).
  • Use your grappling hook to reach the exit, although Sorush will sometimes spawn her own grappling points for you to grab hold of.
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The third and final Defiled Chamber is a bit different than the others as it takes you to a frozen lake. After being teleported into the maze, go right to find a Farrwick and the first Spenta Heart.

Next, switch to Sorush and fly up to get a good view of the area. This way you should see the correct path leading to the second Farrwick/Spenta heart and the exit.

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After completing these objectives, go to the marked location to see Tunigi Hollow fully cleaned. This completes the Anthem of Tir Yazad quest Genshin Impact.

How to complete the Anthem of Tir Yazad quest Genshin Impact. Don’t forget that there are other activities you can tackle such as Heart of Amrita/Feathers of Purifying Light, Pale Fire/Fravashi TreesAnd Monumental Study/Lost Monument Fragments. For more help on the 3.6 update, click the links above or visit our Genshin Impact instructions page.

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