Genshin Impact: Jarjar’s Lightcall Resonance Guide

Lightcall Resonance is a side quest in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the v3.6 update, it challenges you to complete time trial challenges to earn rewards. There are four to complete and we’ll tell you how to start the quest and complete the challenges below.

How to complete the Lightcall Resonance quest in Genshin Impact

Before you can do the Lightcall Resonance quest, you must first complete the entirety of Khvarena of Good and Evil quest line. Once done, Lightcall Resonance will be added to your log.

Follow the quest and go to the marked location to meet a strange Pari named Jarjar (as seen in the image below). He says that once you really master the traversal mechanics, you can try out the challenges he’s primed for.

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How lightcall resonance experiments work

  • There are four attempts in total. Completing each one will cause a chest to appear, and you’ll also be told to wait until the next day. Luckily, this doesn’t refer to a daily reset. Instead you just have to fast-forward the in-game clock to start the next trial.
  • Each challenge requires you to collect all the Dendro Particles floating in the air and then reach the end zone to complete the task.
  • Aside from using your regular grip moves and hopping mushrooms, Sorush will also play a key role. If there are gaps, Sorush will either create a glowing bridge or a new breakpoint. Even better, you don’t have to equip her as a gadget as she will perform these actions automatically.
  • Although not required, characters like Kazuha and Wanderer can help in case you make mistakes as they have additional verticality boosts.
  • Jarjar will move to a new location for each exam. As long as you’re pursuing the quest, you should see it marked on your map.
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After completing all four exams, complete the Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance quest. For more information about the game, visit our Genshin Impact leads hub.

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