Genshin Impact: Khvarena of Good and Evil Quest Walkthrough Guide

The Genshin Impact The Khvaarena of Good and Evil questline is new in the version 3.6 update, which also adds a new region to the land of Sumeru. This multi-level quest takes you to ancient ruins and magical oases via multiple sub-quests. This is the first part of our walkthrough guide and it provides links to the various other missions that you need to complete in order to complete it.

How to complete Khvarena of Good and Evil in Genshin Impact

To start the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline, open the Girdle of the Sands event box. Click the quest button and pursue the Splendorous Sky That Day task.

You will see that a new region northeast of Wounded Shin Valley and Sands of the Three Canals is available. Make your way to the first teleporter that has a glowing marker. Interact with it and you’ll pick up a strange drum with a Cryo symbol on it.

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Go back to Katheryne in Sumeru City and talk to her about the drum. This will place the next marker on your map, which will take you further into the first main area, Gavireh Lajavard.

Once there, you will encounter a Pari nymph named Sorush. Much prouder than Paimon, this swimming companion will accompany you on your way. We discuss their abilities below our Genshin Impact Sorush puzzle and instruction manual.

In any case, keep following Sorush until you reach Tunigi Hollow, a place with jagged crystalline formations and a magical rift. Surosh will take you through an underground tunnel that will take you to the Realm of Farakhert, the second major area.

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Here you will find Vourukasha Oasis, a serene cave with a huge tree. Once you speak to the first pari named Zurvan, this will complete the first step of the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain.

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Additional Khvarena of Good and Evil quests

What’s next in the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline? Well you’ve done your job as this quest chain has four more stages. We cover each of them in the guides linked below:

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Aside from these sub-quests in the Khvarena questline, you should also take note of other related objectives and mechanics such as:

  • Sorush Puzzle: Sorush acts as a gadget with various uses.
  • Kory drum puzzles: Play the correct sounds based on the clues.
  • Pale Fire: This becomes available after talking to Zurvan. You have to clean different fravashi trees in the region.
  • Heart of Amrita: This also becomes available after talking to Zurvan. You must collect Plumes of Purifying Light.
  • Monumental study: You must complete the entire quest chain. You will then search for the lost monument fragments.

And this is how you complete the first part of the quest “Khvarena of Good and Evil”. Genshin Impact. Bookmark this page and use the links above to find more walkthroughs for the rest of the latest main missions in the 3.6 update.

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