Genshin Impact Monumental Study: Lost Monument Fragments Guide

Monumental Study is a side quest in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the version 3.6 update, it includes finding missing items based on clues. Here is our guide to help you find all lost monument fragments for this quest.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Lost Monument Fragments for Monumental Study Quest

The Monumental Study quest becomes available once you progress further in the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain. Specifically, you want to graduate Like the Khvarena’s light shows Portion. This is the part where the skeptic Naseyuna shows his true colors.

Shortly thereafter, you can head to the camp south of the Gavireh Lajavard Statue of the Seven (approximately once you are on the map at the “r” in the Temir Mountains).

You meet up with another skeptic named Sosi and you can tell her what Nasejuna did.

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Investigate the stupid camps

Sosi takes you to a plateau on the western edge of the desert that has several stone altars. She will then mark Fatui camps on your map, so make sure you follow this part of the quest.

The task is pretty easy as you just have to go to each camp, eliminate the enemies and then interact with the piece of paper.

Eventually, you’ll have to look for footprints that are more like glowing triangles until you come across a Fatui named Markozov. Defeat him and his goons to proceed to the next part.

Find the lost monument fragments

This time you have to search for the four Lost Monument Fragments Genshin Impact. A hint is given, and the most notable parts are:

As a land where the Pari of Vourukasha Oasis lived for a long time.

As a land guarded by Barsom’s familiars.

As a land defended by thorns like blades.

Or like the Tunigi disaster… Remnants of ash and shriveled hulls… Zenith.

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These lines refer to four locations in the desert that we’ve outlined on the map above. You can visit these locations in any order, although we’ve numbered them based on where they’re mentioned in the clues.

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In any case, the Lost Monument Fragments look like diamond-shaped glyphs. However, the Lost Monument Fragments are completely invisible and you can only see them when you switch to Sorush. Once you’ve spotted her as Sorush, simply glide to the object and she will automatically pick it up.

Lost Monument Fragment #1: Vourukasha Oasis

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Use the teleporter south, which is near Zurvan. You’ll see it just before the tunnel leading to Amrita pool.

Lost Monument Fragment #2: Hill of Barsom

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Found in the hollow trunk of the giant tree. This is also where you solved the Kory drum puzzle The real sound of Awakening.

Lost Monument Fragment #3: Asipattavana Swamp

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Go to the western edge of Asipattravana swamp. This object levitates next to the gnarled vines at the entrance to the tunnel.

Lost Monument Fragment #4: Tunigi Cave

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The latter can be a little hard to come by. You must use an above-ground teleporter and then find grapple points that will help you reach the plateau north of Tunigi Hollow. From there, make your way to the tallest rock/tower in the area. Switch to Sorush and you’ll see it floating on top.

After collecting all four fragments, return to Sosi in the altar area. Markozov and other Fatui jerks will come at you again, so go ahead and take them out.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Quest “Monumental Study” and “Lost Monument Fragments”. For more information about the game, visit our Genshin Impact leads hub.

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