Genshin Impact: Nilou Best Build and Talents Guide

Nilou is a 5 star character in Genshin Impact. Harnessing the power of Hydro and in conjunction with Dendro, she creates powerful explosions and can be a powerful addition to your team.

Best build and best talents for Nilou in Genshin Impact

Our Genshin Impact The Nilou build guide looks at every facet of the character, detailing their Ascension materials, talent priorities, passives, and constellations. However, you can directly read our separate guides on the following topics if you are looking for information on them:

Nilou has a strict party composition requirement if you want to make the most of Bountiful Core Bloom blasts. Because of this, you won’t be bothering with Electro-based Hyperbloom or Pyro-based Burgeon. Instead, just keep focusing on blooms.

Additionally, Nilou is expected to stack a lot of HP to maximize damage from her Elemental Skill, Elemental Blast, and Rich Cores. There are several items that can help her.

Nilou’s ascension materials

Here you will find all Nilou climbing mats.

Character Ascension Materials

  • Varunada lazurite: Drops from Hydro-based bosses or those using Hydro Attacks; can be converted via the Crafting Bench.
  • fungal spores/pollen/cyst dust: Drops from Fungi enemies.
  • Padisarah: Found in Sumeru.
  • Eternal caliber: Dropped by the Aeonblight Drake.

Talent Ascension materials

  • fungal spores/pollen/cyst dust: Drops from Fungi enemies.
  • Practice Talent Notebooks: Obtainable from the Steeple of Ignorance domain every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Tears of the cataclysmic god: Dropped by Raiden Shogun weekly boss.

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Nilou’s talent priorities

Normal Attack: Dance of the Samser: Increases her normal, charged and dashing attack damage; can be ignored.

Elemental Ability: Dance of Haftkarsvar: Enters the Pirotette state to deal Hydro damage based on Nilou’s max HP. Attacks are overridden to deal hydro damage. The third step of the pirouette can have two different effects depending on what you used to hit a target:

  • Sword Dance (normal attack): Deals Hydro damage and grants Moon Prayer; converts basic attacks into sword dance techniques, with the final hit unleashing another Hydro Strike.
  • Whirling Steps (Ability): Deals AoE Hydro damage and creates an aura that follows your active character to wet nearby enemies.

Elemental Burst: Dance of Abzendegi: Creates a bubbling pool to deal AoE Hydro damage based on Nilou’s max HP. Enemies will be affected and after a while they will take another Hydro damage.

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Note that you should prioritize Nilou’s elemental abilities when building her up as a main DPS character. Alternatively, a sub-DPS Nilou should prioritize her Elemental Burst. Her normal attack can be completely ignored.

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Nilou’s passive

White Jade Lotus: Achieving perfect cooking with any adventure-related food gives a +12% chance of doubling the item’s result.

Dancing Petals Court: This requires all characters in the party to be either Dendro or Hydro:

  • The third step of Nilou’s skill grants the Golden Chalice buff to all characters.
  • Golden Chalice grants itself and others in the party +100 Elemental Mastery when damaged by Dendro attacks, including Bloom Explosions.
  • Triggering Bloom spawns Bountiful Cores that explode earlier and have a larger AoE radius compared to regular Dendro Cores.

Dreamy Dance of the Aeons: Every 1,000 points above 30,000 HP, Bountiful Core damage increases by 9%, up to a maximum of 400%.

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Nilou’s constellations

C1: Dance of the Waning Moon: The third step of Nilou’s Pirouette either increases damage by +65% or duration by +6 seconds depending on which effect you trigger.

C2: The starry sky, her rain of flowers: When characters affected by Golden Chalice deal hydro damage, they reduce the target’s hydro resistance by 35% for 10 seconds. Each Bloom Reaction that damages enemies also reduces their Dendro Resistance by 35% for 10 seconds.

C3: Beguiling Shadow Step: +3 levels to your Elemental Burst.

C4: fricative pulse: After the third step of the pirouette, gives +15 energy and increases the damage of its burst by 50% for 8 seconds.

C5: Swirling Light: +3 levels to your elemental skill.

C6: Frostbreaker’s Melody: Every 1,000 points of Nilou’s Max HP grants +0.6% Crit Rate and +1.2% Crit Damage, up to a maximum of 30% and 60% respectively.

This is our best build and talent guide for Nilou. Follow the links above to further maximize Nilou’s power. For more information on Genshin Impact and the 3.6 update, check out our Genshin Impact leads hub.

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