Genshin Impact: Where to Find Fravashi Trees in the Pale Fire Quest

Fravashi trees are a kind of special landmark in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the v3.6 update, you must search for all of them in order to complete the Pale Fire quest. There are 10 in total, and each of them presents a specific challenge to overcome. Here’s what you need to know.

Locations of the Fravashi trees in Genshin Impact’s Pale Fire quest

The Pale Fire quest becomes available in Genshin Impact once you have completed the first part Khvarena of Good and Evil. You will talk to a Pari nymph named Zurvan who will tell you about the corruption in the country.

At this point, your task is to find the 10 Fravashi Trees. These have a gnarled/withered icon on your mini-map, although there is no in-game tracking feature. Nevertheless, we are here for you. You can check out the map below.

Although we provide our own numbering for each Fravashi Tree location, you can find them in any order. However, since some areas are inaccessible at the beginning, we recommend that you keep progressing in the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest until you complete it Like the Khvarena’s light shows.

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Fravashi Tree Challenges

To complete the Fravashi Trees challenges in Genshin Impact, You must use Sorush to interact with them. A residual par is then displayed. Talk to the nymph and you will receive different types of tasks:

  • Defeat all enemies: This is the easiest since you simply have to eliminate all the enemies.
  • collect fragments: Fly around and interact with the three green fragments floating in the air.
  • Follow the par: The Pari will hover over the whole area and you have to follow it with Sorush. Stay close and use Sorush’s speed boost to catch up.
  • Give stamps to Udumbara: Some Pari nymphs require three stamp items that can only be found in certain locations. You can refer to ours Udumbara Stamp Guide For more information.
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Each Fravashi Tree you purify earns you a cloud of cleansing lighta collectible item that can be offered to the Amrita pool for rewards. In each case, we describe the locations and tasks for the Genshin Impact Fravashi trees in the section below.

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Fravashi Tree #1

  • Location: Between the rocky cliffs in the western part of Tunigi Hollow.
  • Task: Defeat all enemies.

Fravashi Tree #2

  • Location: Go to the sand dunes further south and check the sloping path.
  • Task: Follow the par.

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Fravashi Tree #3

  • Location: Slide down from location 2 to find this tree.
  • Task: Collect the fragments.

Fravashi Tree #4

  • Location: Walk along the cliff path from the Statue of the Seven.
  • Task: Follow the par.

Fravashi Tree #5

  • Location: This place is in an underground tunnel.
  • Task: Defeat all enemies.

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Fravashi Tree #6

  • Location: From the fast travel point, head up the rock formation to find this tree.
  • Task: Collect the fragments.

Fravashi Tree #7

  • Location: This is in an underground cave next to the Crystalized Wenut.
  • Task: Collect the fragments.

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Fravashi Tree #8

  • Location: Use the above-ground teleporter and follow the tunnel that leads deeper into the caves.
  • Task: Give stamps to Udumbara.

Fravashi Tree #9

  • Location: This is on the western edge of the Asipattravana Swamp.
  • Task: Give stamps to Udumbara.

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Fravashi Tree #10

  • Location: Further down, a tunnel leads to the entrance of the ruins.
  • Task: Collect the fragments.

After clearing all the Fravashi Trees, return to Zurvan in Vourukasha Oasis to complete your objective.

And that’s all the Fravashi Tree locations to complete Genshin Impact Pale Fire quest. Check out our many articles for more tips and tactics Genshin Impact leads hub.

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