Green Hell Devs Lay Out 2023 Content Roadmap

Developer Creepy Jar has detailed his plans green Hell in 2023 with a brand new content roadmap. As revealed on the Steam Community forumsplayers of the unique and violent survival game have a lot to look forward to this year, starting with a range of new animals, improved combat, better storage and transport options and much more.

Heading to the PC version of green Hell are the storage and transport updates mentioned above, as well as combat improvements and new animals. While Creepy Jar didn’t detail the specifics, as for storage, the Steam post says, “Because a larger base requires a larger amount of resources and more storage slots.” This also affects the combat where players seem to have to defend their bases from tribe members.

On the console side, PS4 and Xbox One players will get updates already released on the PC version, including animal husbandry and the newer building update. unclear where the PS5 version from green Hell fits in with this, but it could follow a different roadmap.

While this isn’t the most robust roadmap, green Hell will still have a satisfying 2023. Since the developer recently released a poll asking fans what they’d like to see for the game, there’s definitely more on the horizon. If you’re playing the game now, take a look at some of our green Hell Leader.

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