Green Hell VR Scares Up a PSVR 2 Release Soon

The survival game of the same name green Hell will make its VR console debut on PlayStation VR 2 in the near future. As revealed during Sony’s February 2023 State of Play stream, green Hell not only gets a next-gen port for the PlayStation 5, but also comes to PSVR 2 with full compatibility for the recently released headset.

Not much was shown during the reveal trailer, however Green Hell VR already has a version on the PC. It stands to reason that the new console version will be very similar to this one, only with additional Sense functions. A post on the PlayStation Blog mentions haptic feedback and even headset feedback to immerse you even deeper into the hostile world of this game.

Another solid addition comes in the form of 3D audio, which is a standout feature of PSVR 2. As Mateusz Orman-Janowski, Marketing Director for Incuvo, writes on the PS Blog: “With the combined capabilities of PS VR2 and Wwise, we strive for the most accurate and faithful representation of the sounds of the jungle.”

One of the reasons the original PSVR was skipped was that Incuvo wanted to maintain the graphical fidelity of the original title. Featuring the PSVR 2’s OLED displays and HDR capabilities Green Hell VR should be an outstanding experience for Sony’s new device.

We don’t have an exact release date for when Green Hell VR will hit PS5, but you can currently wishlist it on PlayStation Store to receive notifications of its release.

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