GTA 5 Online: 10 Fastest Supercars

The fastest supercars in GTA Online may come as a surprise when you go through the entire list of 130 supercars as of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. You want a supercar to be fast, but you also want it to have good acceleration and tight handling to get the most out of it.

Each new update adds at least a few new supercars to the existing roster, and the Los Santos Drug Wars update is no exception. Only one of its new supercars made it into this top 10 list of the fastest supercars GTA Online.

Top 10 fastest supercars in GTA 5 Online

Ocelot pariah

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 136.00mph (218.87km/h)
  • Price: $1,420,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

Pariah is one of the most balanced supercars in the world GTA Online, and it still has the fastest speed of all, allowing players to win almost every race with it. There are other types of cars in the game that can be even faster than Pariah, but when fully upgraded it can easily crush its competition in a straight street race.

Its high speed is based on a massive in-line 4-displacement engine, which is basically a 4-cylinder twin-cam engine with an air filter. The combination delivers incredibly strong results and the only downside to this car is the braking, which could be better.

Grotti Itali RSX

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 135.30mph (217.74km/h)
  • Price: $3,465,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

The second fastest supercar and community favorite in GTA Online is Itali RSX added during Cayo Perico Heist update. It is also the most expensive supercar in the game.

It is powered by a V12 engine and an 8-speed gearbox, which allows it to develop a speed almost equal to Pariah. But it has better acceleration than Pariah, which might play its part in certain game modes.

Pfister 811

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 132.50mph (213.24km/h)
  • Price: $1,135,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

This Porsche-like model is specifically designed for street racing and doesn’t do well in stunt racing.

The engine is placed in the rear of the car here, giving a fine weight ratio that gives the Pfister 811 the speed and acceleration it needs to rival the best of the best in the game.

Despite its top speed and good looks, 811 has fairly uncomfortable handling and requires some practice before trying it out in various competitions.

Principe Deveste Eight

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 131.75mph (212.03km/h)
  • Price: $1,795,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

If you want a supercar with top speed and really good handling, then you want the Deveste Eight.

It is powered by a conceptual four-turbocharged V16 engine, giving it the best acceleration in the game. It may lose out to other models in terms of overall top speed, but its acceleration is more than worth it.

Fill entity MT

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 131.25mph (211.23km/h)
  • Price: $2,355,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

Entity MT is the latest supercar introduced with a different model during the Los Santos Drug Wars update ocelot virtuewhich was introduced in Last dose missions. But only Entity MT has the speed high enough to warrant its placement in the top 10 list of fastest supercars GTA Online.

This vehicle is powered by a very unusual single overhead cam V8 engine with turbocharged intercoolers. Such a combination allows the Entity MT to perform significantly better off-road than any other supercar in the game.

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Pegassi Torero XO

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 210.82 km/h
  • Price: $2,890,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

This supercar isn’t as new as the previous one, but it was only introduced last summer during the Criminal Enterprise update.

It is based on a highly potent V12 engine that is used in Inferno Classic vehicles. This engine allows for extreme acceleration, but the handling and traction could definitely be better.

Bravado Banshee 900R

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 210.82 km/h
  • Price: $565,000 (Benny’s Original Motor Works)

This is the cheapest supercar in GTA Online, which could be an excellent choice for beginners. Banshee is a very fast car, but it suffers badly in the areas of acceleration, traction and general handling.

The main issue with this model is that it uses the same single cam carbureted V8 engine as the stock Banshee model. Even updating it fully will not help you get the best results in the races. But it’s still a good supercar that lets you feel the top speed early in the game.

Benefactor LM87

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 206.00km/h
  • Price: $2,915,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

Here’s another supercar from the Criminal Enterprise update that has since become the record holder for the best traction and handling characteristics among all other supercars GTA Online.

This is not surprising at all, since this vehicle was designed exclusively for professional racing. The single-cam V8 engine helps a lot, although it still doesn’t produce record-breaking speed.

Abundance XXR

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 206.00km/h
  • Price: $2,305,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

The Entity XXR may be very expensive and it may not have the highest speed or acceleration, but it definitely has very good traction and handling.

When it comes to supercars, the Entity XXR is a well-balanced mid-size vehicle with a mid-mounted V8 engine placed in the rear center of the chassis with significant rear-wheel power.

Grotti X80 Proto

Image via Rockstar Games

  • top speed: 127.50mph (205.19km/h)
  • Price: $2,700,000 (Legendary Motorsports)

X80 Proto is similar to Entity XXR in many ways, but has better acceleration. The speed and handling are basically the same, as is the price, which is actually a bit on the higher end of the spectrum.

It’s powered by a similar V8 engine, but the engine used in the X80 Proto was specially developed for Formula 1 cars, giving it a very special and loud roar under acceleration.

These are the 10 fastest supercars in GTA Online. For more GTA Online Article with tips and tricks, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page. We have guides on how to get the ocelot virtue And how to get the Willard Eudorato.

Featured image via Rockstar Games

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