GTA 5 Online: All Last Dose Clue Locations

The last dose update for GTA Online: Drug Wars in Los Santos contains a series of missions that ultimately lead you to find out who kidnapped Labrat from The Freakshop. There are certain clues as to where he might be taken in Mission 2: Unusual Suspects and Mission 3: Friedmind. Our guide will show you all the locations of the Last Dose clues in GTA Online.

Last dose clue location: Search Walker’s logistic warehouse

After dealing with a bunch of hippies and their boss on Alta Street during the second Last Dose mission, players must find a warehouse full of clues pointing to where Labrat might be taken. Follow these steps to get to the camp:

  1. travel to Elysian island in the port of Los Santos (south of the map).
  2. Locate Walker logistics Warehouses on Signal Street (south of Bugstars Warehouse).
  3. Find the main building with the Walker Logistics logo and black Declasse Granger 3600LX SUV parked next to it.
  4. Hack the keyboard to unlock the door by playing a data cracking minigame.

Once inside the warehouse, you must find five clues that will reveal the whereabouts of the kidnapped Labrat. Here are the locations of all five clues:

  • Sign to the left of the entrance.
  • supply of drugs and chemicals to the right of the entrance.
  • FriedMind access key card on the table at the top right of the warehouse.
  • clipboard with Labrat’s abduction order on the red tool table at the top left of the warehouse.
  • supply of weapons and ammunition in the middle of the camp.

Note that all you have to do is take photos of these clues and send them to Dax. You can take photos with Snapmatics on your mobile phone simply by double-tapping the up arrow on your keyboard or gamepad.

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Don’t take too long as enemies can come at you pretty quickly. Don’t forget to get the FriedMind Access Keycard for the next part of the clues.

Last Dose Clue Location: Search the Eclipse Medical Tower

There are two other clues in the Last Dose update that players must find in order to rescue Labrat from captivity. You can find the last clues during the next mission “FriedMind”, which will take you to the headquarters of FriedMind Pharmaceutical Corporation, which is responsible for kidnapping Labrat.

Here’s what you need to do to uncover the rest of the clues:

  1. trip to the Eclipse Medical Center Buildings in West Vinewood.
  2. Blast your way through hordes of enemies get to the top floor.
  3. Take a clipboard with Labrat’s kidnapping order on the table in the first office.
  4. Shoot your way through to the lab that’s right next to it.
  5. pick up a keychain on the lab table to your right.

Once you have both the clipboard and the keys, you must head down to the basement and free Labrat from captivity.

These are all Last Dose clue locations GTA Online: Drug Wars in Los Santos. For more GTA Online Article with tips and tricks, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page. We have guides on how to get the ocelot virtue And how to get the Willard Eudorato.

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