Category: Hardware

Metro Exodus Adds DLSS 2.0 and New Ray-Traced Graphics

The truth is Metro Exodus Style, the game’s latest upgrades make it the best-looking take on the first-person shooter yet, eh Metro Exodus will now feature NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 technology and enhanced ray-traced reflections, enhanced ray-traced global lighting, and ray-traced emission lighting. NVIDIA has also released a new driver update to prepare PCs for the […]

Sony Reportedly Planning Real-Time Expert Help for PlayStation 5 Games

Sony is reportedly expanding its PlayStation 5 help system to include a network of game experts to help players deal with the more difficult areas of a game. The report comes from the Video Games Chronicle and describes Expert Help as an “Uber-style” service, although the Expert Help service is still only in patent form. […]

A Great Value For $80

When you charge into the battlefields, you need a convenient headset that will lead you to victory. While an in-game weapon or sword is definitely needed to take down your enemies, having a Turtle Beach Recon 500 in your loadout can enhance your gameplay. The headset’s new dual drivers offer an immense amount of audio […]

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