Hogwarts Legacy: Astronomy Table Locations Guide

Astronomical tables are another exploration challenge Hogwarts legacy. The 15 stone structures are scattered throughout the playable world and will assist your telescope in discovering new constellations. How to start enabling astronomy tables and their positions in Hogwarts legacy.

How to enable astronomy tables in Hogwarts Legacy

If you go to astronomy class, Professor Shah will discuss the potential existence of ancient astronomical stone tablets. Amit Thakkar, who lends you his old telescope, meets you after class and says he knows the location of a table. Follow him and go through the ruins until you reach the table.

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It must be night to activate a table, so interact with the table as soon as it’s dark. You are given a constellation and must match it with the stars you see by rotating the view, moving the telescope and zooming in or out.

Once you line them up, an image of what the constellation represents will light up. You can no longer interact with the table and its location is not shown on the map. At the end of the quest, Amit will let you keep the telescope so you can continue studying at astronomical tables.

Locations of the astronomy boards

Astronomy Lessons quest: Hogwarts Grounds: Lyra Constellation

This is the table found during the quest with Amit. It is located near the Hogwarts wall near the Quidditch field.

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Hogwarts Astronomy Table: Hidden Entrance to Herbology Corridor – Phoenix Constellation

This table is relatively easy to find once you’ve found the hidden Herbalism Corridor. If not, travel to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame. Go through the doors and go right down the path and through the archway. Continue down this path until you see a set of stairs on the left. In the lower area you will find the astronomy table.

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Forbidden Forest – Draco constellation

Travel to the West Forbidden Forest Floo Flame and head southeast until you come across the table.

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Upper Hogsfield – Constellation Leo

This astronomy table is west of Upper Hogsfield.

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North of Hogwarts Castle – Scorpio constellation

Travel west across the bridge from the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame. Follow the road until it begins to head south. The table is on a rocky hill next to the road on the left.

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Brucborrow – Corvus constellation

Head southwest out of Brucborrow. The table is on a ledge.

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Keenbridge – Capricorn constellation

Walk across the water directly west of the hamlet. Then head south to reach some ruins. The astronomy table is there, along with an ancient magic hotspot.

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Feldcroft, southwest of Rookwood Castle – Horologium Constellation

You can either go southwest from the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame to the opposite side of the forest, or travel to the South Feldcroft Floo Flame and go straight north.

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Northern Feldcroft – Constellation Lacerta

Travel to the North Feldcroft Floo Flame and head west. The astronomy table is on a hill near the road near the forest area.

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San Bakar Tower – Centaurus constellation

This table is located at the base of the San Bakar tower in the North Ford Bog region.

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Clagmar Castle – Lupus constellation

Head south from Clagmar Castle to find the Lupus Astronomy Table.

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South Poacher Coast – Hydra constellation

From the South Poidsear Coast Floo Flame you want to head south past a troll cave until you reach the table on top of a hill.

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South of Coastal Mine Floo Flame – Canis Major Constellation

This table is a little tricky to get to as it’s above you in the hills south of the Floo Flame Coastal Mine. You can use a broom and just hover up to reach it, but if you move further into the hills you will be blocked by the no-fly zone.

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Henrietta’s Hideout – Sagittarius constellation

Henrietta’s Hideaway is at the top of Manor Cape and hides another astronomy table.

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Cragcroft – Cetus constellation

This astronomy table is due south of Cragcroft through the small forest.

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Finding the tables unlocks rewards in the challenge stage. Once all of the tables are found and filled in, you will receive a customization of the Star-Eyes Seer Ensemble’s appearance. For more help on the game see our Hogwarts legacy Leader.

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