Hogwarts Legacy Best Character Builds for Witches and Wizards

Hogwarts legacy offers an outstanding array of character builds for you to try out throughout your journey through the wizarding world. But there are some basic traits that define the best and most effective character builds in the game. Our guide shows you the best character builds for witches and wizards in Hogwarts legacy.

Best Dark Arts Build

  • House: Slytherins.
  • Magic wand: Dragon Heartstring.

Spells and Dark Arts talents are the most powerful and deadly skills any witch or wizard can learn Hogwarts legacy. This build focuses on maximizing its deadly potential, which allows you to quickly deal with many powerful enemies.

Dark Arts build spells

  • Open Kedavra.
  • Rich.
  • i torture

Unforgivable Curse Spells are a must-have for any Dark Arts build, and these three spells not only effectively destroy enemies, but curse them as well.

Dark arts build talents

  • Avada Kedavra Championship.
  • Curse Sappers.
  • Crucio Championship.
  • Imperio Championship.
  • permanent curse.
  • blood curse.

These talents focus on supporting your curse spells and increasing their power even further.

Dark Arts building characteristics

  • Unforgivable III.
  • Manipulation III.
  • Cruelty III.

Unforgivable traits are again a must for any curse-based build with added damage from other offensive spells.

Dark Arts build potions

  • Maxima Potion.
  • focus potion.

These potions should help you increase damage and reduce the cooldowns of all your spells.

Best Core Build

  • House: Gryffindor.
  • Magic wand: Phoenix Feather.

Not all witches and wizards want to be cruel; many actually want to be decent, but no less powerful than the dark wizards. This build focuses on balancing your offensive and defensive abilities.

core building spell

  • blunt.
  • Let’s drive.
  • Disillusionment.

This set of spells will help you render enemies utterly useless and easy targets for your offensive abilities while remaining relatively safe under the Disenchantment spell.

Core Build Talents

  • Fast.
  • Protego Championship.
  • Magic Knowledge III.
  • Dodge Absorption.
  • Protego absorption.

Quickly parrying and dodging damage while turning your own spells into deadly weapons can easily destroy your enemy’s defenses.

Core Build Characteristics

  • Disarmament III.
  • Ambush III.
  • Protego Shield III.

These traits focus on increasing the damage of the Expelliarmus spell or staying under the effects of Disillusionment.

core building potions

  • focus potion.
  • invisibility potion.

In this case, potions mainly focus on protecting you and reducing the cooldowns of your spells.

Best stealth build

  • House: Slytherins.
  • Magic wand: Phoenix feather.

If you liked the previous build but want to focus even more on stealth, this build will fulfill your desire. It focuses solely on making you completely invisible to all enemies and allows for some very surprising ambushes.

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Stealth Build Spells

  • Disillusionment.
  • Action.
  • Petrificus totalus.

Effective stealth gameplay can be difficult to achieve Hogwarts legacybut this carefully chosen trio of main spells should really help you become as invisible to enemies as possible.

Stealth build talents

  • Petrificus Totalus Championship.
  • Secrecy II
  • human demiguise.
  • Potency of the invisibility potion.

Invisible but highly dangerous would best describe this set of talents designed to help you wipe out hordes of enemies without them even noticing you.

Stealth build properties

  • Bond III.
  • Ambush III.
  • Necromantic Protection III.
  • Leprechaun Silver Resistance III.

These traits will help you improve your stealth damage and protect you from the most dangerous creatures for this type of build, like inferi and goblins.

Stealth build potions

  • focus potion.
  • invisibility potion.

You need both in order to remain invisible for as long as possible and to be able to move freely.

Best Room of Requirement Build

  • House: Hufflepuff.
  • Magic wand: Phoenix Feather.

The final build focuses mostly on quick potion brewing in the Room of Requirement. Once you’re able to continuously craft plants and potions, there’s no escaping your enemies.

Room of Requirement Build Spells

  • basic cast.
  • animal feed.
  • Beast pet brush.
  • Nab Sack.

Being able to free beasts, feed them, and get them to trust you will ultimately give you a huge advantage in whatever you’re trying to accomplish Hogwarts legacy.

Room of Requirements Build talent

  • Fertilizer.
  • Thunderbrew potency.
  • Headache.
  • Harmful.

cabbage, tentacles and mandrakes can quickly become your best friends in battle against all sorts of hostile monsters that populate the wizarding world Hogwarts legacy.

Room of Requirements Build Properties

  • deafness III.
  • Fangs III.
  • Herbalism III.
  • Poison III.

Make your beasts and plants work even harder for the noble cause of quelling the uprising of gnarled monsters.

Room of Requirement Build potions

  • Chinese chomping cabbage.
  • Thunderbrew.
  • Venomous Tentacles.
  • mandrake.

This also includes plants and magical creatures, which must be used for any spells, talents, and traits you choose to work in synergy for this build.

These are the best character builds for witches and wizards Hogwarts legacy. stay tuned for more Hogwarts legacy Tips and Tricks Article. If you encounter the error with the blue characters, we have a solution for that. We’ve got those covered too Black screen error and possible solutions for provided The game crashes on PC.

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