Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Save Sebastian’s Sister Anne? Answered

If you’re a good witch or wizard, you might be wondering if you can save Sebastian Sallows’ twin sister, Anne Hogwarts legacy. Sebastian’s relationship questline revolves around trying to find a cure for Anne, who is cursed and has no known way to break the curse. Warning: Severe spoilers follow below.

Can you save Anne Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy? answered

like you Progress in Sebastian’s quest line, it becomes clear that the curse on Anne is not a typical one. No doctor at St. Mungo’s or Auror is able to remove it. As Sebastian digs deeper into the Dark Arts, it doesn’t seem clear if this will heal Anne or not.

You experience Sebastian’s madness first hand as he awakens Inferni in the crypt but lacks the power to heal Anne. Due to his behavior, Uncle Solomon shows up to stop him. Shortly thereafter, Anne disappears. We only have news of her from Simon as well as a note she leaves at her former home. Where she moved to is not mentioned.

In the endgame, Rookwood confronts you outside of Olivanders. This confrontation confirms that he was the one who cursed Anne, not the goblins. While this is all good information, you must kill him to escape from captivity. With his death comes the name of the curse and how to remove it. Even if Anne Sallow is found, there is no way to heal her.

At the end of hogwarts heritage, Anne is still alive, her whereabouts are unknown. She’s still cursed. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of their story. A potential future DLC might involve a quest to find and heal Anne, or maybe a later game will show her alive and well in another capacity.

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And that’s all we know for now about the rescue of Sebastian’s sister Anne, her curse and her current condition Hogwarts legacy. More on this hogwarts heritage, Check out our game guides.

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