Hogwarts Legacy: How to Catch a Phoenix

The phoenix is ​​the rarest magical beast in Hogwarts legacy. Not only does the phoenix play a role in Deek’s story, but it also produces feathers, which are needed for higher level upgrades. Here is the location of the phoenix and how to catch it.

Location Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix

The Phoenix is ​​located on the appropriately named Phoenix Mountain. If you had previously discovered this location, you would not have been able to enter the cave unless you accepted Deek’s Phoenix Rising quest.

Once you speak to Deek and promise to save the phoenix from poachers, you can make your way to the mountain, either by Floo Flame, broom, mount, or on foot. If you want to discover this location, it is in the coastal region of Poidsear, in the north-east section near another beast cave and poacher camp.

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Once you reach Phoenix Mountain Cave, the entrance is open to you. There are poachers all over the cave, which you can fight directly or sneak around invisibly and take out with Petrificus Totalus.

As you venture deeper into the cave, you’ll find more evidence of the poachers and you’ll see a cutscene of the phoenix flying in front of you.

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Continue snaking up through the cave until you reach the Phoenix’s Nest. Here it lands on a ledge and patiently waits for you to catch it. Use your Nab Sack and he’ll go in right away.

Return to Deek to start another cutscene. The Room of Requirement will appear again vivarium into which the phoenix flies. There you can visit him, take care of him and collect phoenix feathers for your upgrades. Once the phoenix is ​​secured, you’ll get those too Rise from the Ashes Success.

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As a note, the phoenix is ​​the only magical animal that you cannot breed in Hogwarts legacy. That’s because the phoenix you save is the only one in the game. Returning to Phoenix Mountain will not spawn another one for you to capture.

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