Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete Hippogriff Marks the Spot

While exploring or even flying over Poidsear Castle, in Hogwarts legacy, the Hippogriff Mark the Spot quest can begin. After battling various enemies, the parchment noted in the quest can be found in a tent just in front of the castle. On the parchment is a treasure map. How to complete Hippogriff Marks the Spot in Hogwarts legacy.

Hippogriff Marks the spot map location

The location on the map may look familiar to those who have already rescued Rococo the Niffler or defeated Dunstan Trinity. The name, Henrietta’s card, also gives a clue. You can find the Hippogriff statue pictured inside Henrietta’s Lair in Manor Cape.

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If this is your first visit, there are a few steps you need to follow once you enter Henrietta’s hideout.

First you need to cast Glacius on the purple cube on the right. To get the second cube, go to the statue on the left and cast Confringo or Incendio on the brazier. The statue rotates and releases the required block. Accelerate the block and cast either Confringo or Incendio. The front door will open once you’re done.

In the next room there is a group of dark wizards that need to be eliminated, as well as the Hippogriff statue from the map. Once the Dark Wizards are dealt with, it’s time to solve the Hippogriff puzzle.

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Hippogriff Statue Brazier Puzzle

As with the Rubik’s Cubes in the previous room, you must use Confringo and Glacius to solve the puzzle. The goal is to match the braziers lit on the map with the statue in front of you.

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Face the front of the statue and use Glacius to put out the already burning braziers that shouldn’t be lit. Then use Confringo to have that North, East, Southeast and West brazier on fire. Once the correct braziers are lit, a treasure chest will appear behind the statue on a small platform.

How to complete the Hippogriff Mark the Spot quest Hogwarts legacy. For more quest help, check out our others Hogwarts legacy Leader.

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