Hogwarts Legacy: How to Flip a Troll’s Club Into Its Face

From the first visit to Hogsmeade in Hogwarts legacy, you will face trolls. Large, angry, and powerful, these enemies can be difficult to defeat. And maybe you have to smack a troll in the face with a club.

Thanks to some dueling talents, e.g. For example, hitting a troll in the face with his own club can stun him. Here’s how to get the Duel talent Hogwarts legacy.

How to hit a troll in the face with your club

As with other dueling talents, timing is key when you’re about to smack a troll in the face with your club. Watch out for the troll trying to crush you with his club like a pancake.

dodge, and if the club is still on the ground, Use Flipendo to bounce the club up into the troll’s face.

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There are two types of attacks the troll will perform, smashing the club into the ground if you dodge successfully.

  • On the first attack, he runs after you and prepares a single, powerful downward swing. This usually occurs when you are too far away from the troll and have blocked his stone throws.
  • The second attack is a three-stage strike in which the Torll first swings the bat twice before smashing it down. This is harder to dodge than casting Flipendo right after, but it’s possible.

Once you understand the timing of the various attacks, you can consistently smash a troll’s club in the face. If the mace hits the troll, it will be stunned for a short time. This is when you can unleash a barrage of damage to take him down. For more Duel Talents guides, Treasure Maps guides, builds and tips, check out our Instruction page for the magic game.

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