Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle

There are a number of puzzles everywhere Hogwarts legacy. From the Merlin Trials to Treasure Vaults, the game will stimulate your mind in many ways. There are some tricky puzzles to solve while completing challenges. The three most confusing mysteries that viaduct bridge, bell tower and Clock Tower, each with its own puzzle to solve. How to solve the clock tower puzzle in Hogwarts legacy.

Solving the clock tower puzzle

The first thing you need to know about how to solve the Clock Tower puzzle is that you must have unlocked either Arresto Momentum or Glacius to complete it, as well as Alohomora. Both combat spells can be learned from Madam Kogawa by completing her tasks Allorious can be learned from Gladwin Moon in the quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament”.

Once you are able to unlock doors and have learned a spell from Madam Kogawa, you should go to the clock tower in the south wing. If you look around the ground floor, you will see that there is a gate with the symbol of a unicorn. Stand on the side of the room, with the entrance to the tower to your back and face up towards the pendulum. You can see that there is a bar above which the pendulum swings with similar symbols on it.

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Find the leftmost unicorn symbol and use either Arresto Momentum or Glacius to stop the pendulum when it goes over that symbol. I found it best to use Arresto Momentum to slow the pendulum, and then again when it was over the symbol. This will open the gates on the door and reveal some treasures.

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Unlock one of the wooden doors on either side of the entrance arch to get upstairs. On the next level you need to repeat the process, but for the owl. This icon is second from the left on the pendulum bar. The door for this level of the tower is in the far left corner of the landing.

On the third level, go down the small stairs on the right to find the gate door. At this door, the pendulum must be stopped on the symbol of the two dragons, which is the 2nd from the left on the pole.

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For the last door, head up the stairs, but go through the first wooden door you come across. You should see the gate door opposite with a scarab icon. You must return to the 3rd level to stop the pendulum. When you’re done, go back to the door to gain access.

If all doors are unlocked, you have completed Secret of Hogwarts. Check your challenge page to claim your reward. For help completing the other two Hogwarts mysteries, check out our other one Hogwarts legacy Leader.

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