Hogwarts Legacy: Infamous Foes and Their Locations

Regardless of the RPG, there are always enemies that towns call super strong or warn about. Hogwarts legacy is the same, highlighting its infamous foes as the strongest foes of an area or bosses of a main quest. Here’s how to find the 21 infamous enemies in Hogwarts Legacy and what their levels are.

Notorious Enemies – Creatures

Rampant Dugbog – Level 23

The rampant Dugbog may be one of the first infamous enemies encountered that isn’t tied to a quest. In Upper Hogsfield you will find flyers warning of this. It can be found southeast of the East North Bog Floo Flame.

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The Swamp Troll – Level 30

West of the North Southsea Bog Flee Flame in a troll cave is the Quagmire Troll.

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The Shore Troll – Level 23

The Riaprian Troll can be encountered during the Beeting a Curse quest in the Dale Family Tomb.

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The Grim and the White Wolf – Level 26 and Level 26

Both canines are west of Keenbridge in a cave behind a waterfall.

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The Insatiable Spider – Level 25

This infamous enemy is the evil of the Tangled Web quest. You’re in Aranshire and you won’t find this guy until you start the quest and explore Mary Portman’s basement.

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The Fugitive – Level 34

Head to the Forbidden Forest during The Escape Encounter quest to find this souped-up Acromantula.

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Alexandra’s Troll – Level 30

This troll was an attempt at creative hamlet protection. Alexandra will give you the quest “Troll Control” where you have to kill her troll lurking in the woods south of Brocburrow.

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Notorious Enemies – Goblins

Belgruff the Cudgel – Level 20

Belgruff can be found at Rookwood Castle in Feldcroft.

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Ogbert the Strange – Level 20

Ogbert the Odd is staked out in the Coastal Caverns. Fast travel to the Coastal Caverns Floo Flame and head up the track to encounter it.

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Continued – Level 23

You meet Pergit during The Story of Rowland Oakes quest. He’s hiding in the ruins of Korrow, located in the far west of the Forbidden Forest.

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Grodbik — Level 30

Grodbik is located in the Coastal Mine in the northwestern part of the Marunweem Lake region. If you don’t encounter him early in your own exploration, he will be waiting for you in Lodgok’s Lodgok’s Loyalty quest.

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Notorious Enemies – Dark Wizards

Iona Morgan – Level 35

Iona Morgan is located in Poidsear Castle.

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Dunstan Trinity – Level 37

Dunstan is at Henrietta’s hideout on Manor Cape. He’s by an abandoned building.Screenshot of GameSkinny

Tempest Thorne – Level 23

Tempeste is east of Falbarton Castle.

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Silvanus Selwyn – 37

One of Rookwood’s generals, Silvanus, resides in Clagmar Castle. You can find him with the Sacking Selwyn side quest, which rewards you for taking out the Dark Wizard.

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Ailsa Travers – Level 25

Ailsa is on the ground floor of a derelict mansion on Manor Cape. You must have fully upgraded Alohomora to access her location.

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Gwendolyn Zhou – Level 30

Gwendolyn is one of the Dark Wizards that Natty took in her A Base for Blackmail relationship quest in Hogsmeade. She can be found in the Ashwinder Hideout in the Hog’s Head basement.

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Catherine Haggarty – Level 20

Catrin is the thief-turned-Dark Sorceress who resides in Ashwinder’s enchanted tent in The Lost Child side quest. Follow Archie’s trail to reach this location just south of Hogwarts.

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Notorious Enemies – Inferi

Lord of the Manor – Level 26

The Lord of the Manor is located in a ruined mansion on Manor Cape. He will appear here where Ailsa is located once you defeat the Inferi in the area. You must fully upgrade Alohomora to access his location.

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Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse – Level 25

Poor Bardolph Beaumont’s corpse is now an Inferi, located east of the Forbidden Forest in some ruins. You will encounter this infamous enemy as part of the Brother Keeper side quest.

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That’s all of the locations and quests where you’ll encounter an infamous enemy. Defeat all 21 to earn the Avenging Raven Mask and complete the Challenge Stage. More guides for Hogwarts legacycheck out ours leads hub.

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