Hogwarts Legacy: Rescuing Rococo Quest Guide

There are a variety of quests in Hogwarts legacy with the various magical beasts that live in the world. One of these quests is Saving Rococo. How to get the side quest and complete Rescuing Rococo.

Save Rococo Quest Walkthrough

To start this quest, go to Bainburgh and speak to the shopkeeper, Agnes Coffey. She will explain to you how she was out on her daily walk and Rococo, her pet Niffler, saw something shiny in Henrietta’s lair and took off. She asks for your help in rescuing him before the Ashwinders discover him.

From Bainburgh, head west to the ruins on the Manor Cap Peninsula. There will be Ashwinders here, and if you’ve never visited this place before then then The notorious enemy Dunstan Trinity will be here too. It’s best to prepare your combat spells, or land a little off the beaten path, turn invisible, and sneak into Henrietta’s lair. You want to go to the right of the ruins along the edge of the cliff to a small passage that leads underground.

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Once inside, you’ll need to solve the magic blocks to advance. Throw Glacius on the right block to activate it. Light the brazier in front of the statue on your left with Confringo or Incendio to get the second magic block. Accio it onto its platform, then cast Confringo or Incendio again to activate it.

Once through the door you will notice a trail of coins showing the way to Rococo. However, the room below is full of Ashwinders. Either eliminate them all or sneak past them. Follow the coin path and take the stairs to the left of the Hippogriff Statue. At the landing, turn right and walk along the balcony.

The next section features a trap floor that transports you through a room and back to the hall in front of the trap. There are a few methods to deal with this pesky soil.

  • If you have stop momentum You can throw it on the ground to prevent it from moving you.
  • Use Accio/Wingardium Leviosa to move an object onto the ground. While the trap is transporting this object, quickly go through the area.
  • This is the most difficult of the three. You must trap an enemy so that they trigger it instead of you. During transport, you need to move quickly through this area of ​​the hall.
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As with the previous rooms, this one is full of Ashwinders. However, you’ll have to fight your way forward as you’ll need to place two magic blocks. To get the Levioso Block, go up the stairs.

On the other side of the room you can see the block on a balcony. Bring it over with Accio and place it on the appropriate platform. Cast Levioso to activate it.

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The second block is a little harder to get. On the same side as the stairs, under the upper walkway, is a row of bricks that seem out of place. Approach these and they will open to reveal another room behind you as well as the magic block.

Grab the block and head up the stairs until you come across another wall that opens and leads back into the previous room. Once the block is placed on the platform, cast Confringo or Incendio to activate it and open the door.

Continue following the trail of coins down the steps and into the next room where you will see the rococo style. Use a spell like Levioso to stop him running away and then use the Nab Sack to catch him. This room also contains the musical map, which will start another side quest. Use the platform in the northern part of the room for a quick exit.

Return to Bainburgh and Agnes Coffey. You can choose to keep Rococo, causing Agnes to be extremely upset and creating a new Niffler for your collection. Since Nifflers aren’t the rarest of magical beasts, and you can keep The Irondale Pilferer away from another side quest, Rococo doesn’t seem like the best choice unless it suits your character.

This is the full quest guide for Rescuing Rococo. Check out our others Hogwarts legacy LeaderMessages and Lists for any further help you may need.

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