Hogwarts Legacy: Well, Well, Well Quest Walkthrough Guide

Near the hamlet of Aranshire there is a magic fountain asking for help Hogwarts legacy. Wondering where to find the fountain and start the Well, Well, Well quest? Here’s everything you need to know.

Well, well, well quest walkthrough

Magic fountain location

The magical speaking well asking for help is south east of Aranshire. It is near a Merlin Process and a bandit camp. You should take the leftmost path up the mountains into this area. The well is in a cluster of ruins with a destroyed trailer and tent nearby.

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You will hear the fountain asking for help as you approach it. When you interact with it, it spits out a piece of parchment, which turns out to be a treasure map.

The treasure map shows the location of the well, then a stone bridge leading to another set of ruins. Inside the ruins is a tree with the Levioso symbol above it. The picture on the square shows the approximate location of the treasure.

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If you look at the world map, there is a piece of land south of Irondale this looks like the framed part of the map. You can ride a broomstick all the way down or travel to Irondale with Floo Flame.

The tree the map referred to is in some ruins southwest of Irondale and directly west of an ancient magic hotspot.

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Once you reach the ruins you will see the lone tree sitting in the middle. You know you have the right ruins as the tree is outlined. You need to cast Levioso on it, which will pull the tree up to get to the treasure chest in its roots.

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How to complete the Well, Well, Fine quest Hogwarts legacy. For more help on the game see our others Hogwarts legacy Leader.

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