Honkai: Star Impact — Best Remembrance Blessings in Simulated Universe

The simulated universe is one of the most important endgame activities in Honkai: Starway. It’s a rogue-lite gauntlet made from progressively more difficult combat encounters, balanced by boons. These ability boosters give your team a potential advantage over your enemies. The Memory Path, one of six types of blessings, focuses primarily on the frozen state. It can be of great help, especially during the early worlds, and these are the best memory boons in the simulated universe to focus on.

Best Remembrance Blessings in HSR’s simulated universe

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Memory mostly revolves around the Frozen status, whether that makes it easier for you to use or deals massive damage when it wears off. There are 22 Blessings of Remembrance in total – six 3-Stars, seven 2-Stars and eight 1-Stars. And although all have a place, some are more optimal than others depending on the situation.

Best three star memorial blessing

Perfect Experience: Innocence

This boon has a 100% chance to apply the Dissociation debuff on Weakness Break for 1 turn. dissociation freezes, and when the freeze wears off, the enemy takes 30% of their maximum HP as ice damage. Its upgraded version ignores any enemy’s frozen resistance – more damage, easier fights, plain and simple.

Perfect Experience: Fuli

Another dissociation boon, this one has a chance to be applied when attacking a frozen enemy. If you lack innocence or are looking for more ways to use dissociation, this blessing is for you. Its upgraded version increases the damage of the debuff by an additional 20%.

Resonance formation: First love again

One of the few Remembrance Path Resonance Blessings, First Love Once More is an excellent option if you don’t have either. It automatically regenerates 40% of your Path Resonance Gauge at the start of a fight, and each damage over time you deal reduces the cooldown by an additional 5%.

Best two star memorial blessing

Ultimate Experience: Insensitivity

This boon is a pure dissociation damage buff and increases damage taken by an affected enemy by 36%. As you improve it, that increase improves to 54%.

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Ultimate Experience: Maverick

This boon will ease your start into almost every fight as there is a 150% chance of Freezing any opponent on their first turn. If you have a means of using dissociation, even better. The upgraded version of this boon also reduces the speed of affected enemies by 30% for 1 turn, giving you an even bigger head start.

Ultimate Experience: Dizziness

If you use Dissociation in any other way, you can attack an enemy with the function active to remove the effect early and deal 150% Dissociation damage whenever you want. The upgraded version increases damage by 200%.

Best One Star Memorial Blessing

Experience: Stone cold hatred

Another flat damage buff boon, this increases the damage done to frozen enemies by skills and ultimates by 36%. This buff increases to 54% as you boost the boon.

Experience: Original distress

This boon increases damage against frozen enemies by 16%, or 24% when empowered. More damage? More damage.

Experience: Appealing excitement

Freezing a target with this boon active is one of the few survivability boons in Remembrance, and provides a shield that can absorb damage equal to 16% of the character’s total HP. Shield improves to 24% of total HP when upgraded.

These are the best memory blessings in the simulated universe in Honkai StarRail. You may be able to get some or a few of these on a given run, but taken together they can all provide a very powerful build. There are likely additional combos that can also serve you deep into higher difficulty worlds, so try them all to see what works best for you. See our guides for more information all upcoming charactersThe best four and five star light coneand other articles with tips in our HSR leads hub.

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