Honkai Star Rail: All Certification Robot Answers

Find out what the certification robot’s answers are Honkai StarRail can be a chore. Halfway through the Jarilo VI section of HSR, during the To Rot or To Burn mission, find Svarog at his base in the Robotic Settlement. However, you must complete a three-step certification test to see it. The first two require answering two multiple choice questions that are impossible without knowing some of the game’s most useless trivia. Our guide gives you the answers.

What are the certification robot answers in Honkai: Star Rail?

Shortly after arriving at the robotic settlement, you will be blocked by a gate that requires the above certifications. Nearby robots hold all three, with the first two requiring a simple but trivial quiz. The third will fight you.

There is no way to get the answers to the questions from the hand, and your group will point out that you can talk to the villagers to potentially learn the answers. But you may guess her right.

Here are the answers to the robot certification questions in the rot or burn Mission:

Response of the first certification robot

Screenshot of GameSkinny
  • Ask: “Who is the reigning champion of the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament?”
  • Answer: 88 degree bedrock

Response of the second certification robot

Screenshot of GameSkinny
  • Ask: “To which component does a microcrystalline unit need to be connected?”
  • Answer: Logic Control Hub

After answering the second question correctly, go around the corner near the second robot to see a buggy robot that you need to defeat. Once you do, you’ll have all three certifications in hand (literally) and ready to continue with the rest of the quest.

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And these are the certification robot answers in Honkai Star Rail. We’ve covered how to complete several other missions here, including Signs of fragmentation, Hook’s giftAnd firedamong other things HSR content inside our guides hub.

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