Honkai Star Rail: All Misdelivered Letter Locations

If you came across mis-delivered letters while exploring the Belobog administrative district Honkai StarRail, you may be wondering how many of these there are, how to find them all, and what they are used for. Revealing and turning in their locations will give you a decent reward, making it worth exploring the area. Here you will find them.

Where to find every misdelivered letter

There are four mis-delivered letters to find Honkai StarRail. Pressing in any of the letters will earn you a commendation of high morale. Once you receive a letter, you can read its contents and see which of the four it is (although the order doesn’t matter). To find them you have to interact with them red mailboxes at the following locations:

Wrongly delivered letter 1

From the Golden Theater Space Anchor, head left of the anchor. You’ll find the mailbox on a railing overlooking the street below.

Wrongly delivered letter 2

You can find the second incorrect delivery letter in the mailbox at the district shop.

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Incorrectly delivered letters 3 and 4

The last two letters can both be found in the mailbox to the right of the Goethe Hotel near the theater. Drag the left letter for letter 3. Now drag the right one for letter 4.

What to do with incorrectly delivered letters?

Once you have a misdelivered letter, you can deliver it to Manya, who is near Serval’s workshop. You can turn in letters as soon as you find them, or all at once. Either way, Manya gives you 1,000 credits for each letter, for a total of 4,000 credits.

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And this is how you can find all misdelivered letters and their locations in Honkai StarRail. Collecting and turning them in is an easy way to earn extra credits as you roam the county. For more gathering locations, all Warptrotter locations, and other tips articles, click here our leading hub for Honkai StarRail.

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