Honkai Star Rail: Best Auto-battle Farming Teams

Many encounters in Honkai: Starway require a lot of attention, whether because you have to move your character between them or because you have to use a very specific strategy to win. However, farming materials across multiple battles may not be the case, and you can auto-fight the entire way. Calyx currency and upgrade mat farming is a great place for auto battles, and the team builds featured below will see you through.

Best auto battle farming teams in Honkai: Star Rail

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When you’re in lower difficulty content or farming low-level enemies, the right auto-battle team will not only let you progress, but literally do everything else at the same time. The teams we’re discussing here allow you to do this efficiently, and we’ll be discussing both free and paid teams (paid, assuming you want as many 5-star characters and cones of light as possible).

We assume you have at least a 5-star character for these teams using the 90 free draws you get and the ability to replay Honkai: Starway.

Free-to-Play Auto-Battle Farming Team One: AoE and DoT Specialists

characters: Serval, Herta, Dan Heng, Himeko

This team is all about clearing rooms quickly, and covers almost every weakness you’ll come across in most of the content. You don’t have a cure here, but the point is to erase everything before it becomes necessary. You can flood Dan Heng for Natasha or Bailu (if you have them) if you find yourself losing characters while farming.

Free-to-Play Auto-Battle Farming Team Two: All-Rounder

characters: Cheetah, Hook, Serval, Sushang

This team should be good for almost any situation, with some block and weakness cover from Cheetah, damage from Sushang and Hook, and AoE with Serval. Again, no healing, but if you can keep Cheetah’s Ultimate halfway up it shouldn’t be a problem.

Free-to-Play Auto-Battle Farming Team Three: One-Shot Everything

characters: Bronya, Sushang, Pela, Hook

With the help of Bronya’s buffs and Pela’s debuffs, our goal is to kill almost every enemy with a single hit. Vulnerability coverage is a bit lower, but your raw damage output should more than make up for it. You can always trade Hook for a healer if needed, but ideally everything dies so quickly that not having one doesn’t matter.

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Soul Auto-Battle Farming Team: Soul or Bust

Characters: Soul, Bronya, Pela, Natasha

If you have soul, this team is all about empowering you and empowering you almost exclusively thanks to your ability to take multiple turns essentially for free. There isn’t much gameplay variety with this team, but since it’s an auto battle, it doesn’t have to be.

Paid Auto-Battle Farming Team One: Complete Control

characters: Bronya, Seela, Himeko, World

Not only do you have tons of possible DoT and single target damage with this team, Welt lets you manipulate the enemy’s turn order and not only maximizes your team’s overall availability, but also gets even more value out of Seele’s passive. You can swap out Bronya for Tingyun in case you need Lightning coverage or don’t already have Bronya.

Paid Auto Battle Farming Team Two: Counter Specialists

characters: Soul, Himeko, Clara, Herta

Follow-up attacks are the name of the game for this composition, so while you’ll probably take a few hits, that’s the point. Clara’s Successor and Ultimate can transport less equipped teams, and between Himeko and Herta, your enemies will spend more time waiting for an attack than actually attacking. Soul is here for the extra spice.

Paid Auto Battle Farming Team Three: Sheer Damage

characters: Steele, Yanqing, Bronya, Sushang

Nothing fancy here: you want to pump as much single-target DPS into everything as possible so everything dies in one hit, and with Seele’s extra turns, even the largest groups have almost no time to react.

No matter what team composition you choose, automatic battle farming for mats and currency Honkai: Starway should be a relatively relaxed experience where you don’t have to worry about survivability. However, using an optimal farming team would make it even more so. If you’re looking for more ways to make the most of your time HSRcheck out our guides How to get 90 free movesThe best teams for Boss DPSand ours Guide to the Caverns of Corrosion. Our guides hub for the game has more.

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