Honkai Star Rail: Best Build, Light Cones and Teams for Seele

Soul is without a doubt the most powerful single target character currently available Honkai StarRail. , and you want to know their best physiques, light cones, and teams to build around them. If done right, she can single-handedly take out entire groups of enemies. If you surround her with a team that increases her damage and survivability, even as a glass cannon, she can’t be let down.

Best Soul Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Soul is a damage monster that can reduce boss health better than any other character. In addition, she has the highest base speed currently available and can perform multiple moves thanks to her Resurgence talent. As a DPS, your focus with this soul build should be three things:

  • Critical Damage and Critical %: As much as Soul’s base damage is, the higher you can increase her critical hit ability and how much a critical hit increases her damage, the better off she will be.
  • ATK% and Quantum Damage: As a main DPS, building up for attack will always be one of Seele’s main goals. When farming for their relics and cones of light, and choosing their trails, it’s of little to no use if it doesn’t somehow increase their outgoing damage. Anything that increases their quantum damage is the icing on the cake.
  • speed: The more you can improve Seele’s already ridiculous speed, the more effective it becomes.

Defense and HP are also important for Soul as it is a bit vulnerable due to the path of hunting. But the team you build around Soul should be more protective. If you only have access to purple rarity items, you should do some farming for their relics, but the real effort begins when you reach Balance 3.

Best relics for soul

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The best Soul relics come in two core relic sets, and both are focused on increasing their damage output. Rupture Effect, Defense, Speed, and HP are secondary considerations at best. Don’t waste too much time on this caves of corrosion or Simulated Universe First off, since Trailblaze Energy is a precious resource that’s best used carefully, you’ll want to have a complete collection of these two soul relics with you Honkai: StarRail.

The Genius of the Brilliant Stars: Genius Set

The main attraction of this Relic set is the flat quantum damage boost of 10% equipped with two parts. The four-piece set is even better, as Soul ignores the first 10% of an enemy’s Defense and then one additionally 10% if vulnerable to Quantum Damage. Luckily, with Soul on the team, more than 50% of the enemies are on the team HSR are weak to quantum damage and everyone else will still feel the pain.

Wild Wheat Nutmeg: Nutmeg Set

It’s a bit of an easy pick, but the Muskateer set is still an excellent option for Soul, especially in the early game. Two pieces increase her attack stat by a flat 12%, and the four piece set each gives her a 6% speed increase and increases her base attack damage by an additional 10%. Soul should use her abilities and ultimate more than her base abilities, so I recommend only having two Muskateer pieces alongside two Genius pieces until you can manage a full Genius set.

Best beam of light for soul

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There are many great options for Hunt Light Cones, and even some awesome 4-star options. What you use always depends on what you have access to and how much you are willing to farm/draw in the warp gacha system. These are the best cones of light for the soul.

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At Night (5 Star Cone)

Unsurprisingly, Seele’s best light cone is the one released alongside her in the limited banner. Between an 18% increase in her critical hit rate and a 6% damage increase in her ability for every 10 points of speed above 100, there’s almost no downside here.

Additionally, her ultimate increases damage by 12% based on her speed, and the effect can stack a whopping 6 times. That means if you increase Soul’s speed to 160, her ultimate can be 72% stronger. The only caveat: you have to be lucky and use her limited light cone warp, so save that Stellar Jade if it matters enough to you.

Subscribe for more! (4-star light cone)

Aside from the influencer reference, “Subscribe for more cones of light” is one of the best options currently available for Hunt characters. It increases both Soul’s basic attack and skill damage by 24%, and then an additional 24% when her Ultimate is charged. Since one of Seele’s strengths is her ability to chain ultimates, you won’t get the most benefit from this cone of light about half the time, but if his ability is high, you can expect high DPS.

Only Silence Remains (4 Star Cone)

While this cone’s abilities aren’t as immediately interesting as Subscribe for More!, they’re much more passive and apply to her ultimate as well. Only Silence Remains grants Seele’s attack a flat 16% boost, and when she faces two or fewer enemies, her crit rate improves by 12%, making her already high boss damage even better.

Arrow Arrow (3 Star Cone)

A really worthwhile 3 star soul cone if you have nothing else. Whenever Soul defeats an enemy, she gains a 12% attack boost for 3 turns. Not as good as their other options here, but usable in a pinch.

Best soul tracks to upgrade

True to their gear, you should only invest in Soul Traces that will either make them faster or increase their damage in some way. These are the most important:

  • butterfly fury: The higher the level of this track, the more damage does Seele’s Ultimate.
  • Sheathed blade: Upgrade this lane to increase the damage of its ability and increase speed by two turns.
  • resurgence: This track increases damage

Best Soul Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

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There are different schools of thought when it comes to building the best soul team. You can opt for the “hypercarry” strategy, where the entire team focuses on boosting Soul and keeping her alive. You could go for Speed ​​Soul, where you combine character abilities that slow down enemies and speed up your allies. Or you go into survivability, where Soul still deals massive damage but the team around her is designed to stay alive at all costs. Here are the character setups for each strategy:

Hypercarry soul team

  • DPS: Soul
  • polishing: Tingyun, Bronya
  • Support: Natasha/Bailu

Speedy soul

  • DPS: Soul
  • buff/debuff: World, That
  • Support: Natasha/Bailu

survivability soul

  • DPS: Soul
  • polishing: Fire Trailblazer, Cheetah
  • Support: Bailu/Natasha

And that’s our guide to the best soul build, relics, and cones of light Honkai StarRail. Contact us for more information HSR guides hubwhere we covered that best Herta builds, all Warptrotter locationsand a List of the best light cones overall.

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