Honkai Star Rail: Best Herta Build — Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

Herta is a 4-star character who follows the path of scholarship Honkai: Starway, You can deal with multiple enemies at once. Herta’s main source of damage is an ice element that not only injures opponents, but also immobilizes them. With the right relics, light cones, eidolons, and abilities, she can make a truly formidable teammate.

Best Herta Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Herta can be an excellent team player if given the right role, which in this case is a sub DPS with AoE ice damage. She may not perform too well on her own, but when paired with Himeko as the team’s main DPS, Herta can really shine. The rest of the team could be either Serval and Asta or March 7th.

Best Herta relics

The most powerful Herta relic is Hunters of the Glacial Forest, increasing her ice damage by 10% and critical damage by 25%. You can obtain this relic by spending 40 Trailblaze Power in the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind, located in the Herta Space Station Storage Zone.

The next best relic for Herta would be Musketeer of Wild Wheat, increasing her attack power by 12% and her speed by 6%. This relic can be obtained in Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting, located in the Corridor of Fading Echoes on Jarilo-VI.

Best Herta light cone

The best 5 Stars Light cone for Herta would be Before dawn, which is perfect for the path of scholarship. His Long Night ability has a number of benefits:

  • Increases critical damage by 36%.
  • Increases skill and ultimate damage by 18%.
  • Increases follow-up attack damage by 48% after Somnus Corpus triggers.
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The best 4 stars cone of light is The Birth of the Selfwhich is very similar to Before Dawn:

  • Increases the damage of all follow-up attacks by 24%.
  • Increases the damage of all follow-up attacks by an additional 24% when the opponent has 50% HP or less.

The best 3 stars Light cone for Herta is wisdomincreasing total ultimate damage by 24%.

Best Herta Eidolons

We strongly recommend Herta’s E3-Eidolon, known as “That’s the kind of girl I am‘, adding an extra level to her basic attack and two extra levels to Herta’s abilities. However, note that in this case the level cap is 10 for basic attacks and 15 for skills.

The next best Eidolon would be E5, known as “Curse big or curse nothing‘, adding two extra levels to both your ultimate attack and talents. It’s just so much more effective than manually grinding for all those stats.

Best Herta skills

Herta’s best ability is Onetime offer, which is an AoE ice damage attack that specifically targets enemies with more than 50% HP, as this skill deals 20% more damage in that case. Once they fall below 50%, their light cones will come in very handy with all the additional damage they cause.

Your ultimate attack It’s magic, I added some magic continues to deal damage in the same way, but with an unconditional 120% damage that puts an end to all enemies left alive. These are the best Herta relics, cones of light, eidolons, and abilities in Honkai: Starway. stay tuned for more Honkai: Starway Tips and Tricks article right here.

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