Honkai Star Rail Best Relics Guide

relics inside Honkai Starrail are important items because they provide tons of helpful buffs to your characters. Some focus on increasing damage for specific battle types, while others restore HP or increase speed. With that in mind, you will surely want to seek out the very best relics to go after. Below we’ve listed 10 powerful 5-star relic sets you can look for.

Note that relic sets fall into two categories: caves and plains.

  • Cave types are your core sets.
  • Plane types are side sets that can be used in addition to your cave relic sets.

Best Cave Relic Sets

Passer of the wandering cloud

Two pieces of this Cave Relic set increase outgoing healing by 10%. The bonus bestowed by four parts is instant restoration of one skill point at the start of combat. Healing abilities are already in short supply HSRso being able to amplify that heal is a huge bonus.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Two pieces of this Cave Relic Set increases ATK by 12%. Four pieces increase SPD by 6% and base ATK DMG by 10%. Wild Wheat Musketeer not only increases damage, but the speed increase can lead to more attack rounds.

Streetwise boxing champion

Two pieces from this set increase Physical DMG by 10%. Four pieces increase ATK by 5% for the rest of the fight. This effect stacks 5 times for a total of 25%. This can result in a pretty significant ATK boost, especially during longer fights like bosses.

Genius of Brilliant Stars

The bonus of two Genius of Brilliant Stars is a 10% Quantum DMG increase. Four parts means that attacking enemies with a Quantum weakness ignores 25% of their DEF. This gives Quantum characters an initial damage boost, which is boosted against enemies who are already weak to their attacks.

Knights of the Purity Palace

Two pieces increase DEF by 15%. Four pieces of the Knight of Purity Palace increase shield bearers’ maximum damage by 20%. There aren’t many 5-star relic sets that boost support abilities, and bigger shields can be a lifesaver against boss attacks.

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Best Planar Relic Sets

space sealing station

Space Sealing Station gives you +12% ATK. However, if the character’s SPD is 120 or higher, you’ll get another 12% ATK bonus on top. This pairs well with the Musketeer of the Wild Wheat Cave Relic set and is a powerful 5-star setup for your damage dealers.

Fleet of the Timeless

This 5-star relic set gives you a 12% increase in max HP. And when your SPD is 120 or higher, all allies get +8% ATK. This is one of the few relic sets that grants a bonus to allies, rather than just the character wearing the set.

Heavenly Differentiator

This planar set gives +8% to Crit Rate. But more importantly, if your Crit Rate is 80% or higher, Base ATK and Ability DMG both get +20%. This can give your damage dealers a decent boost, and this is in addition to her Cavern Relic set.

Talia: Kingdom of Bandits

With this set you get +20% break effect. If your SPD is 145 or higher when entering combat, your action advances +50%. This means you can attack sooner and break faster towards stunning enemies.

Sluggish Salsotto

This is another +8% to the Planar Relic Set’s Crit Rate, but if your Crit Rate is 50% or more, both Ultimate and subsequent ATK DMG receive a 15% boost. Not every character has a follow up, but this damage boost can add up during a fight for characters that have one, like Himeko.

More 5-star relic sets will certainly be added in the future, but these are some of the best relic sets currently among the cave and planar options. We have more guides on ours Honkai Starrail Gyou see book page available, such as how to redeem twitch drops And how to get stellar jade.

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