Honkai Star Rail: Best Team Comps

In order to complete the game as smoothly as possible, it is important to have the best Honkai Star Rail teammates. Luckily that’s not the case need spend a single dime to assemble a team that can take you to the finals. Using the warp gacha mechanic to get additional resources will make the job easier, but we’ll cover no-pull teams, free-to-play teams with pulls, and pay-to-play later in our guide -Teams enter.

Best No-Pull Free-to-Play Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

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We have two teams here that are worth their money. The first is for general gameplay well into endgame, while the other is for leveling, grinding materials, and progression.

Endgame no-pull team

  • DPS: Dan Heng/Physical Trailblazer
  • polishing/Support: March 7, Serval
  • healer: Natasha

I have found that this team comp covers almost all the bases and you can swap out your DPS if your element needs to change. Thanks to his ability to apply the Wind Shear DoT status, Dan Heng might be a bit better than Physical Pathfinder, despite lacking the multi-target damage and having easy access to some of the better early-game Relics.

Grinding no-pull team

  • DPS: Physical pioneer
  • Empowerment/Support: Serval, Herta
  • healer: Natasha

Don’t expect much damage from this team, but that’s not the point. The goal is to damage large squads of trash mobs and the occasional mini-boss. Between Serval, Physical Trailblazer, Herta’s AoE Attacks and Natasha In order to keep everyone sane, I have found that there are few strenuous encounters that cannot be overcome.

Best free-to-play team compositions

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The team builds presented here assume that you are using your warps as you get them and that you partake of the Soul and other limited banners as much as possible. It also assumes that you don’t spend money on additional materials, gacha pulls, or other in-game purchases.

Free DPS team

  • DPS: Soul/Sushang/Yanqing
  • Empowerment/Support: Tingyun, Pela/Bronya, Asta
  • healer: Natasha/Bailu

This team build isn’t overly focused on DPS buffs, nor does it let it down completely. Choosing Tingyun or Bronya depends on your luck in gacha pulls, as well as access to soul and yanqing. Bailu is the ideal healer, but Natasha is so good that the little lady dragon isn’t strictly necessary.

Free farming team

  • DPS: Soul/Sushang/Clara
  • Empowerment/Support: Serval, Fire Trailblazer/Himeko, Tingyun
  • healer: Natasha/Bailu

Although this team is quite similar to the DPS team, it focuses a little more on survivability and group damage than on burning individual targets. Clara is quickly becoming a prime choice for teams that can maximize her counterattack damage and potential, especially in the simulated universe where incorporating it into follow-up attacks can be very, very beneficial. Serval, Himeko, and Fire Trailblazer increase AoE and Weakness Break potential.

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Best Pay to Play Teams in HSR

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With these team formations, we assume that money is not a major consideration and that you are willing to spend enough to assemble the team you want for any activity you want.

Pay to play DPS team

  • DPS: Soul
  • Empowerment/Support: Bronya, World/Tingyun, Bronya
  • healer: Bailu

Here are two variations of a carry build. Bronya and Welt don’t sync quite as well to maximize Seele’s damage, but when you combine Welt’s ability to slow enemies, his rare imaginary damage, and Seele’s already insane speed, it could take you many turns before your enemies even act once.

The Soul, Tingyun, and Bronya combo provides some of the highest damage stats in the game and can easily auto-fight through most content.

Pay to play farming team

  • DPS: Soul/Clara
  • polishing/Support: Bronya, Himeko/World, Cheetah
  • healer: Bailu

This team build is based on both Soul All in one fell swoop, or Clara will be attacked almost every turn and do the same. Unlike Clara, she can fight her way to victory even if most or all of the rest of your team goes down. Cheetah plays a survivability role, but only when you’re struggling to stay alive in the toughest of situations, and Himeko or World fill in gaps in the weak break.

Overall, experiment with different element combinations for more challenging content. Pause for weakness and other considerations become increasingly important as things get more difficult. These teams will also completely change or change HSR gets new characters, but what’s presented here are great all-purpose comps that are well worth your investment.

These are just some of the best overall team builds I’ve found while playing Honkai: StarRail until now. We’ve covered many other aspects of the game here, including this best beam of light for each characterThe Compassion system explainedas well as The best ways to get farm experiences. For more information see our HSR guides hub.

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