Honkai: Star Rail — Best Ways to Farm Experience

Knowing how to bring in experience Honkai StarRail is important because EXP works a bit differently here than in other similar titles. While combat gives a small amount of this for defeated enemies, most of it comes from EXP materials. Farming for these mats is essential to advancing the campaign to the endgame. Our guide covers the best sources of experience in HSR.

The best sources of experiences in Honkai: Star Rail

There are two ways to get EXP items Honkai: Starway:

  • Repeatable Activities.
  • One-time purchases.

Repeatable activities tend to be less rewarding, but have infinite rewards if you farm them. One-time purchases tend to have a higher initial value, but you can never buy them again.

All repeatable experience farms in HSR

Repeatables are exactly what their name suggests. You can do them as many times as you like provided you either have the Trailblaze energy or time. As they are infinite sources of EXP, repeatable activities are the best experience farm currently available.

Golden Chalice

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The Golde Calyx activities cost 10-60 energy to activate. The Bud of Memories in Outlying Snow Plains and the Bud of Aether in Backwater Pass offer Character EXP items and Light Cone EXP items, respectively. The higher the difficulty level, the more and higher quality items you get.


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Unlocked at the start of a playthrough, quests send characters out to collect items in your free time and offline time. You only have access to the lowest quality EXP items, but the rewards are essentially free. There’s no reason not to use them.

You can send out two characters at a time for four, eight, 16, and 20 hours, with more time meaning more rewards. Sending characters encrypted for that particular task also brings increased rewards.

Daily training missions

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Your Daily Missions are a regular and never-ending source of experience, upgrade items, and Trailblaze EXP. You will not get hundreds of items from here. However, as long as you don’t waste your items unnecessarily, you can build and maintain a solid bank with little effort.

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Ember Exchange

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Every time you warp in Honkai: Starway and not getting a 5-star entity, you get 20 Immortal Embers. You can bring this currency to the Ember Exchange Store and exchange it for up to 80 EXP items. A single bundle costs five Embers, and you can buy up to 40 of them per month. Since you’re constantly scouting for characters in the Stellar and Character Event warps, you’ll have plenty of Embers to spend.

The Nameless Honor Season Pass

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Don’t expect thousands of items from Nameless Honor, but even the free track offers a few dozen EXP boosts that you unlock as you play. Paying the $4.99 fee offers a lot more if you’re up for it.

Sources for unique experience items

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While these aren’t “experience farms” in the traditional sense, there are plenty of unique sources of EXP worth mentioning.

  • Most missions, and Trailblazer missions in particular, often offer a good number of EXP items.
  • Their Operational Brief offers a few higher value EXP items per part.
  • World shops have a wide variety of EXP items for a one-time purchase.
  • Completing Forgotten Hall stages offers some high-value EXP items and mats per completion of the first memory.
  • Opening chests in the world can award some small EXP booster items.

These are all your main sources of experience and ways to farm EXP Honkai: Starway. For more content see HSR and its many facets can be found in our guides all warp trotter locations, how to complete Signs of FragmentumAnd how to defeat Svarogamong other things in our star track leads hub.

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