Honkai Star Rail: Caverns of Corrosion Guide

Relics are presented a few hours later Honkai StarRail, but it will take you a while to accumulate decent ones. Thankfully, one of the best ways to farm relics is coming up soon after. With that in mind, you’ll want to know how to do it and what the rewards are. This is our guide to the caves of corrosion In Honkai StarRail.

Honkai Star Rail Caverns of Corrosion explained

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The best way I can describe Caverns of Corrosion is that they are repeatable dungeons that reward you with relic sets. There are a few in the different areas you visit, and each one has a special effect that modifies the battles taking place there. You must use 40 Pioneering Power to accept one.

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Six levels of difficulty are available in Caverns of Corrosion (unlocked with your balance level). Although the enemies remain the same, the relics will have higher rarities.

How to unlock caves of corrosion

Caverns of Corrosion first become available during a Trailblaze mission The stars are cold toys, which is part of a questline that requires Trailblaze Level 24 to start. Some will appear on your map retrospectively, others will appear as you encounter them in future areas.

If you are like me and have spent some time gaming Genshin Impact, you’ll see the resemblance to the artifact-rewarding Domains of Blessing for this game. A key difference from Caverns is that they don’t change on a schedule. You can farm your relics any day you like.

Corrosion Site Caverns, Farmable Relics, and more

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The following list contains all the details of the currently available Caverns of Corrosion. There seems to be some conflicting information online which could be due to changes between the beta and the official release. Even HoYoLab’s Interactive Map has some repeated locations for some of them. Regardless, all of the information below is from my time since I’ve been playing star track officially started.

Path of the Freezing Wind
  • Location: Storage zone, Herta space station.
  • special effect: Physical damage dealt by teammates is increased by 75%.
  • Farmable Relics: Eagles of the Twilight Line, hunters of the Glacial Forest.
  • enemies: Voidranger line.
  • Recommended types to bring: Physical, Wind, Imaginary.
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path of the stabbing blow
  • Location: Silvermane Exclusion Zone, Jarilo-VI.
  • special effect: Lightning damage dealt by teammates is increased by 75%.
  • Farmable Relics: Champion of street boxing, thief of meteor shooting.
  • enemies: Automaton Grizzly, Automaton Beetle, Automaton Hound, Automaton Spider.
  • Recommended types to bring: Fire, Ice, Lightning.
path of drifting
  • Location: Corridor of Streaming Echoes, Jarilo-VI.
  • special effect: Maximum damage absorbed by shields is increased by 30%. In addition, each shielded character deals 75% more damage.
  • Farmable Relics: Musketeer of the Wild Wheat, Passer of the Wandering Cloud.
  • enemies: Searing Prowler, Incinerate Shadowwalker, Imaginary Weaver, Frostbrood.
  • Recommended types to bring: Ice, electric, imaginary.
way of providence
  • Location: Everwinter Hill, Jarilo-VI.
  • special effect: Teammate break effect increased by 75%. The resulting DoT and bonus damage is also increased by 75%.
  • Farmable Relics: Genie of the shining stars, guardian of the stormy snows.
  • enemies: Shattering Shadow, Imaginary Weaver, Incineration Shadowwalker, Frostbrood.
  • Recommended types to bring: fire, lightning, wind.
Path of the Holy Hymn
  • Location: Cloudford, the Xianzhou Luofu.
  • special effect: Quantum damage dealt by teammates is increased by 75%.
  • Farmable Relics: Band of Sizzling Thunder, Knights of Purity Palace.
  • enemies: Blaze Out of Space, Imaginary Weaver, Thunderspawn, Mask of No Thought.
  • Recommended types to bring: Physical, ice, quantum.
path of the conflagration
  • Location: Stargazer Navalia, the Xianzhou Luofu.
  • special effect: The damage of teammates’ basic attacks and follow-up attacks is increased by 75%.
  • Farmable Relics: Fireforge of the Lavaforge, Badlands of the Bandit Wastes.
  • enemies: Automaton Gatekeeper, Mara-Struck Soldier, Enchanted Ingenium line.
  • Recommended types to bring: Electric, wind, quantum.

That covers everything you need to know about Corrosion Caverns in Honkai StarRail. For other system failures, such Too bad system works, check out our collection Honkai StarRail Leader.

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