Honkai Star Rail Character Ages and Birthdays Explained

There are a lot of cute and lovable characters Honkai Starrail. And if you’re like me, you want to know as much about them as possible. This includes the ages of the characters and the birthdays of the characters. Hook is obviously a kid, but how old is he? And we can only assume that Herta is old, but how old? Here’s what we know about the ages and birthdays of characters in Honkai: Starway.

Birthdays and ages of characters in Honkai Star Rail

As I found while playing HSR For this particular guide, there are no birthdays, ages, or constellations for any of the characters in it How to install Honkai Star Rail. HoYoverse has not yet added this information to the game. While you can set your birthday the trailblazerno personal information is known about the other characters in the game.

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It’s frustrating that we have to wait to learn more about our favorite characters, but it’s likely that HoYoverse will release the characters’ ages and birthdays soon. At least both Honkai Impact 3 And Genshin Impact Have information about the character’s birthday. There’s no reason to assume it wouldn’t be for the same How to install Honkai Star Rail. Then we can all find out how old Herta really is!

Once the information is revealed, we will provide a complete list with all of the characters’ ages and their birthdays to make it easier for you. You can contact us for a full profile for each character once the details are available.

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While we await the expected age and birthday information, check out our other helpful information Honkai Starrail Leaderincluding all achievements in game & how to get stellar jade.

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