Honkai Star Rail: Character Damage Types and Enemy Weaknesses Guide

Damage types and weaknesses are two important factors to understand Honkai Starrail. Using the right combos can lead to quick wins, reduce enemy toughness, and unleash other useful effects. Here’s what we know about weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage Honkai: Starway.

All damage types and enemy weaknesses explained

There are seven types of damage (or combat types). Honkai: Starway which directly correlate to enemy weaknesses. Any character, including the main character, has a specific damage type for her abilities. For example, Stella and Caelus deals Physical damage, Dan Heng deals Wind damage, and March 7 deals Ice damage.

Damage types have their own icons that are used to indicate enemy weakness before and during combat. You can find these icons by opening your character menu and clicking on the “Battle Types” option in the top right. You will memorize them quickly.

The damage types and their in-game descriptions are:

  • Physically: Using physical attacks to trigger Enfeeblement deals Physical DMG and applies the Bleed effect, causing Physical DoT.
  • Fire: Using Fire attacks to trigger Enfeeblement deals Fire DMG and applies the Burn effect, causing Fire DoT.
  • Ice: Using Ice attacks to trigger Enfeeblement deals Ice DMG and freezes the target, immobilizing the enemy and dealing additional Ice DMG.
  • wind: Using Wind attacks to trigger Enfeeblement deals Wind DMG and applies the Wind Shear effect, causing Wind DoT.
  • lightning: Using Lightning Attacks to trigger Enfeeblement deals Lightning DMG and applies the Shock effect, causing Lightning DoT.
  • quantum: Using Quantum Attacks to inflict Weakness deals Quantum DMG and inflicts Entanglement, delaying the enemy’s action and dealing additional Quantum DMG to the affected enemy at the start of the next turn. If the enemy is hit, this additional DMG increases.
  • Imaginary: When an imaginary attack is used to inflict a weakness fracture on the targeted enemy, the attack deals imaginary DMG and inflicts imprisonment. Imprisoned enemies suffer delayed actions and SPD reduction.
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Exploit enemy weaknesses before combat

As you approach enemies, you can see their weaknesses above them, with each icon correlating to a specific damage type. Keep an eye out as you approach them.

Before combat, if you hit/attack enemies with an appropriate attack or skill,”weakness” will flash on screen as you enter combat, giving you an advantage. Keep this in mind and switch characters as you explore as needed.

Exploit weaknesses in combat

In combat, it really shines when you use weaknesses against your enemies. It allows you to temporarily stun/freeze/immobilize your opponent, deal extra damage and win battles more easily.

To see what weaknesses an enemy might have in battle, look at their tenacity bar (white) and health bar (red). You can also open their information to view vulnerabilities.

hardness and weakness fracture

Hitting an enemy with an attack they’re weak to does some damage, but also removes some of their toughness. Toughness is an enemy’s resistance to attacks and is only reduced when hit by attacks to which they are weak.

When the toughness bar reaches zero, inflict a weakness break. This deals additional damage and inflicts a status debuff. When the opponent’s turn begins, they recover and refill their resistance bar.

While an enemy is broken, they take more damage from all attacks. If they have some toughness, the damage modifier is only 90%. However, once this toughness bar disappears, the modifier increases to 100%, regardless of what damage type the attack is.

Using correlated damage types and weaknesses in combat can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. If enemies in a certain area all have the same weakness, it may be in your best interest to switch your team to take advantage of that damage type. Impressive enemies and bosses can be quickly gunned down by using weaknesses. For more information, see our other Honkai Star Rail Guides.

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