Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete Simulated Universe World 2

You will be introduced to the Simulated Universe early in your time Honkai Starrail. A roguelike dungeon crawl against increasingly challenging enemies, it’s one of the harder challenges in the game and one of the more rewarding. World 1 of activity may be a bit uphill, though world 2, which is unlocked during your time on Jarilo VI, is something else entirely. Here’s how to beat it.

How to Beat Simulated Universe World 2: Basics

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World 2 of the simulated universe in Honkai Star Rail is a very different beast than any worlds you’ve seen before. There are 13 rooms in total, with a mid-boss and an end-boss, and plenty of lower-level enemies in between. The first few enemies will likely go down quickly, but expect later fights to take a lot longer and require a lot more effort.

Here are the main things to remember:

  • Mid-boss and end-boss enemies are weak ice element damage, and all but one are weak against Lightning. On March 7th, bring Herta or preferably Pela for damage and debuffs. Both Serval and Tingyun can add Lightning to the team.
  • Bring a prop, since you have few chances of recovery. Natasha is an excellent 4-star option, but when you have Bailu there is no better healer Honkai Starrail.
  • Curate as much of a build as possible. Every fight you win gives you a boon, and you can turn even an underperforming team into a powerhouse if you choose the right boons.
  • Use path resonance wisely. At the start of your first run, you unlock Path Resonance, a powerful but limited ability that deals heavy damage under certain conditions. Be sure to check the description of each resonance and do your best to incorporate it into your strategy.

As you begin your journey through Simulated Universe World 2, you’ll likely have access to four paths.

  • Conservation focuses on shields. They apply, gain, deal and take damage when active, etc. The more upkeep boons you can stack, the stronger your shields will become and the longer their uptime will be.
  • Memory focuses on status effects, specifically the frozen state, and improving your abilities while an enemy is frozen. It can also improve your critical hit damage.
  • The Hunt is about turn manipulation, critical hit effectiveness, and weak point defeating. Many Hunting Boons allow you to make multiple turns per character per cycle, deal more damage on those turns, and get more for breaking your enemy’s Weakness Bar.
  • Elation mainly focuses on follow-up attacks (Herta and Carla’s speciality). It also improves your ultimate abilities. Elation is more of a niche choice for certain party compositions, but incredibly powerful when you have the right setup.

After all, how you move through the rooms depends on how many blessings you want to acquire and how easy the fight is. It’s possible to go from one recreation zone to another with just a combat room or two – you can and will get multiple deposits.

How to defeat the enemies and bosses in Simulated Universe World 2

In Simulated Universe World 2 there are three enemy factions separated by boss monsters.

Section 1: Fragment

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They are primarily fragments weak against fire and ice attacks (their color indicates which), with some enemies being physically aligned instead. If you’ve managed to pull world, the toughest of them also have a weakness for imagination.

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The mini-boss for Stage 1 is either a Wind damage Stormbringer or a Fire damage Searing Prowler. Both have charge attacks that deal massive damage, so use ice damage to break them.

Section 2: Fragmentum and Robots

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The second group of enemies contains fire/ice fragments but also adds robots from Jarilo-VI. Here, You’re going to want as much lightning damage as you can muster. The Fistbots are particularly dangerous despite being physically weak, so detonate them to deal heavy weakness and standard damage to anything nearby.

The stage 2 miniboss is the one that didn’t appear in stage 1. So if you faced the wind damage enemy, you will get the fire damage enemy and vice versa. The strategy for dealing with them is the same, but the biggest difference is their health pool and damage output.

If you thought the first elite enemy fight was a bit easy, brace yourself for a new world of pain. The second midboss will be a nightmare for almost any low spending setup.

Stage 3: More Fragmentum, More Robots, Grizzly and Direwolf

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The final gauntlet is the shortest, with only two spaces between you and the final boss. It can be both events or transactionsbut you might want to try and collect a few more blessings before taking on the boss – or bosses in this case.

The final challenge in Simulated Universe World 2 is a double battle with the big ones grizzly Mech and the lean, mean, chainsaw-wielding one direwolf.

The Grizzly has the larger health pool and more AoE attacks, but the Direwolf can completely wipe out unprepared characters with a single lock-on attack.

be robot, Both bosses are weak to Lightning, but the catch is that you have to defeat both of them twice since this fight has a second phase. Once both bots go down for the first time, their health bars refill, their eyes light up, and they start working together.

During phase two of the fight, Direwolf and Grizzly often use their charge attacks as a unit. That means Grizzly’s AoE Butt Slam will always follow Direwolf’s multi-hit buzzsaw attack. There might be some extra enemies, but expect plenty of power attack spam as well. Do whatever it takes to break one or both bosses as many times as possible and blow up the exploding robots as soon as they appear.

If you’re at or below level, this battle will test your support and team composition.

  • Make sure your healer has enough health and defense to survive a few attacks.
  • Focus on enemies’ weaknesses.
  • secure your relics, cone of light, and other equipment will also be updated. Do all of these and you could prevail.

Don’t worry if you can’t conquer Simulated Universe World 2 right away. Take some time to level up, upgrade your gear, pull the limited or standard banners more often, and so on. You can come back whenever you want, even hours and hours later, for a much easier time. For more help on Honkai: Star Rail content, visit our guides how to use memory bubbles, where to find warp trotters, and more inside our HSR leads hub.

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