Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Fleeting Lights Quest

Honkai StarRail adds many different mechanics and modes as you progress, some of which are first introduced through quests. One of the main modes is called Forgotten Hall, and it starts with an Adventure Mission (side quest) of all things. Here you will find everything you need to know to fill it out Fleeting Lights search in Honkai StarRail and what it leads to.

How to unlock the Ephemeral Lights quest.

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The Fugitive Lights quest will appear after you do this Reached Trailblaze level 21. Aside from all the progression and potential grind required to get to this point, you’ll also need to pass the first test of balance before you can properly raise your Trailblaze level past 20.

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Once you’ve reached the appropriate level, you’ll receive a message from a restless pom-pom that senses something is in the Astral Express. At the end of this conversation, the adventure mission will be added and you will be directed back to the saloon car.

How to complete ephemeral lights

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Once you arrive, you’ll be faced with a cutscene of pom-pom looking visibly uncomfortable. Talk to them and they will ask you to locate the strange event that seems to have happened to the Express.

From this point in Fleeting Lights you can examine a few different objects. You can also talk to Welt and Himiko, both of whom haven’t realized what pom-pom senses they have. They are actually looking for the strange broken mirror to the right of Himeko.

Interact with it to pique the Trailblazer’s interest. You then have the choice of investigating it further or asking the other passengers about the mirror. They will notice that they don’t see a mirror. If you don’t want to hear some unique lines, you can continue to investigate.

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If you do, a messenger from the Garden of Remembrance will pass through him. They will explain that you are the only one who can see them and that they want to copy some of your memories. Their method of doing this is the Forgotten Hall, for which they then invite you to complete the first memory phase.

The forgotten hall explained

The Forgotten Hall is a series of challenges with powerful enemies and unique objectives. Each has a Memory Turbulence mechanic that acts as a modifier. For example, some increase a certain damage type for your allies.

They will gradually become more difficult and eventually you will unlock the very difficult Memory of Chaos levels. These endgame-level challenges are a big reason we’re including Forgotten Hall in ours Honkai StarRail F2P Schedule Guide.

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In order to complete the Fugitive Lights quest, you only need to master the first memory phase. It consists of the following enemies, all at level 32:

  • baryon
  • antibaryon
  • Voidranger: Distortion
  • Voidranger: Reaver
  • Voidranger: Trampler
Recommended types and characters

The fight is divided into two waves. The recommended types to bring are Imaginary, windAnd Physically. A wind-based character is especially important for this tier since memory turmoil increases wind damage of allies by 50%.

This first phase isn’t too difficult, so try to fill the roles with characters you enjoy playing. If you only want to win this with one team free charactersI recommend using it and heng and the trailblazer to fulfill the Wind and Physical roles. Natasha can also be used to provide healing support and deal physical damage itself.

The last place in the team can go on the edge or 7th March, as both will help on a specific enemy. While Serval deploys attacks that hit multiple enemies, March 7th can generate a shield to protect allies once the Voidranger: Trampler locks in with Spiral Arrow.

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Recommended Strategies

Unless you’re severely underleveled, this shouldn’t be too difficult a fight. Have as many characters as possible use their techniques before the battle begins and then prioritize attacks by enemy weaknesses.

Whenever possible, use Dan Heng’s Skill and Ultimate to deal big damage. Prepare accordingly for the Spiral Arrow ability mentioned earlier, and there’s a good chance you’ll get through this with plenty of cycles.

Does choice matter when it comes to ephemeral lights?

Complete the stage and you will return to the Astral Express. The messenger will ask you to keep your existence a secret from the other passengers. You can choose to tell them the truth, but the choice has no effect. Messenger simply wipes their memories. In any case, after talking to the crew, the quest will be complete.

How to unlock Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail

Once the mission is over, you can always return to the mirror and enter the stairs in the Forgotten Hall. Unless you want to farm the bike rewards for the Memory of Chaos stages, you can complete the first 15 Memory stages at your own pace.

This covers how to complete the Fugitive Lights quest Honkai StarRail and unlock the Forgotten Hall. Looking for more tips and tricks? Is it the best pc graphics and performance settings or how to make the Memory Bubbles, our collection of Honkai StarRail Leader can help.

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