Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Hide-and-Seek Quest

hide and seek is a search in Honkai StarRail this throws many players for a loop. A Trailblaze mission, you must complete it to advance the story, but finding the hidden kids isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, one is within sight but easy to miss. How to complete the hide and seek game in Honkai: Starway.

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How to complete hide and seek quest in Honkai Star Rail

The Hide and Seek mission begins when you wake up in Boulder Town after fighting Bronya. You will go outside and see March 7th talking to three kids who challenged you to a game to find Sampo.

Before the game starts there is a test round where you have to do it find hook, hiding in a relatively easy-to-find location. Once you find Hook for the test run, the actual game begins. All three children disperse as March counts to 50.

  • from the starting point, Head towards the road near two dumpsters. You can see Moles’ sidekick hidden behind a stack of boxes.
  • From there, go back the way you came and then go left to the mine cart. Hook hides between the cart and a stack of crates.

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While Hook and Moles’ sidekick is relatively easy to find, the third child has taken some creative liberties.

  • After finding the two girls, go back to the starting area. This will prompt March to point this out a suspicious man that was watching you running around looking for the moles. Upon closer inspection, you will be alerted that there is something suspicious about him.
    • Choose a dialogue option that examines the man more closely to find out that he is actually the little boy hiding in plain sight.
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After finding all three members of the Moles, you will have completed the Hide and Seek quest in Honkai Star Rail. Hook will now take you to Sampo and Dan Heng. For more quest guides, see: Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Paradox Quest Guide and Honkai Star Rail: The Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest Guide

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