Honkai: Star Rail — How to Complete the No One is Answering Mission

Choices don’t always seem important Honkai StarRail, but sometimes the result is more than just a change in dialogue. One moment that stands out is the Clara’s Companionship story arc, which is split into one of two different missions. Check out our guide on how to complete the No One is Answering follow-up mission HSR.

How to unlock the quest No One Answers

The last part in the Rarely Loving (Part 2) The companion mission will put Pascal’s fate in the hands of the Trailblazer. Svarog believes that reformatting pascal to the basic network is the safest choice. However, Clara wants to preserve Pascal’s unique intelligence by not reformatting and then resetting it when something goes wrong.

The implementation of Svarog’s plan leads to a separate adventure mission called “Wish You Were Here”. Decides to side with Clara causes the mission “Nobody Answers” to appear afterwards at the next server reset.

How to complete Nobody Answers in Honkai Star Rail

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At the beginning of a new day you will receive a new message from Clara. She will ask you to come to Rivet Town to check on Pascal with her. Use the practically nearby Abandoned Market Space Anchor, then turn around to find both.

A brief dialogue with Clara reveals that the robot is fine and the locks installed by Svarog are effective. Unfortunately, there’s still no telling how long they’ll last or how many times Clara would have to reset it again. Poor Pascal.

It’s worth noting that a conversation with Svarog in the robotic settlement reveals that he’s looking for a way to break the eventual vicious cycle of Pascal’s reset, so there’s hope for the special robot.

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Next you talk to Pascal who is happy to see you and grateful for everything you have done. They will then present you with a handmade specimen Flower made of scrap iron mission item. This item has no function but is definitely cute.

The end of the conversation also marks the end of the story. With the completion of this unique mission comes a unique achievement The life cycle of software objects.

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In it, you will learn how to complete the short but heartwarming mission “No One is Answering”. Honkai StarRail. If you need help with other content after completing all groundbreaking missions, including how to reach balance level 3our ever-growing library of Honkai StarRail Leader can help.

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