Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Pawnbroker Handian Item Trading Quest

The quests and activities in Honkai StarRail are not always spelled. There’s even a hidden quest on the Xianzhou Luofu that can be completely missed if you don’t interact with a specific item. How to complete the Pawnbroker Handian Item Deal quest HSR.

How to start the Pawnbroker Handian quest

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The Handian Pawnbroker quest starts on Jeweler Pagoda Pawn shop in the Central Starskiff Haven area. If you’re not nearby, you can use the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor for quick travel directly across the street. There is a shiny item on the left side of the shop counter. After interacting with it, you will realize that it is a Dirty mechanical part.

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The shop’s owner, Handian Pawn Shop, will make it seem difficult for you to pick it up by accident. He will soon give in and then refer you to someone who may find it more valuable. His hints won’t matter much, but it won’t be long before you get some nice rewards.

Exchange of the dirty mechanical part

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According to the pawnbroker, he heard someone talking quietly about revenge and believes he will put the item to good use. Keep in mind that this isn’t an actual quest and you can’t rely on your map to tell you exactly where to go.

Luckily the man you are looking for is very close by. All you have to do is turn around and talk to him Frowning young man stand near the space anchor. Speak to him to learn why he is vengeful and looking for a small mechanical component.

Then you can present the dirty mechanical part to him. While it’s not the same as what he’s looking for, it’s still good enough that he can take it and give you a locked object iron box in return.

Exchange of the iron box

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Head back to the pawn shop to see what you could get for the box. He doesn’t offer anything in return, instead pointing it out to you recreational bookstore in the Exalted Sanctuary. Fast travel to the Court of Tranquility space anchor and go directly northeast to get to the store.

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Approach him and you will automatically trigger a dialogue between one sad woman and the shopkeeper. The former will conveniently ask if they have physical iron boxes available. After listening to her requests and speaking to her directly, you’ll have an opportunity to show her the Iron Box. She has a key that opens it and, after reading the personal content, rewards you with a glass of it Draconic Tears.

Trading the Draconic Tears

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Fast travel back to the Jewelers Pagoda and speak to Pawnbroker Handian. He will give a final hint that some Xianzhou fans from the IPC have come on board and may be interested in the Draconic Tears.

That last clue doesn’t give a location, but that’s because you don’t even have to fast travel to find what you’re looking for. From the pawn shop, turn right and go to the tables under the green umbrellas. Talk to the man mentioned Howard, who is sitting at the first table next to the bridge. Between his enthusiasm and his appreciation for Xianzhou culture, he will mention that he wants Draconic Tears.

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Hand them over and he will end this trade chain by giving you the legible Travelling: Arrive in Xianzhou as well as the following:

  • 10x Star Jade
  • 10x rays
  • 5000x credit

Follow these steps and you will complete the process Honkai StarRail Pawnbroker Handian Item Deal quest. The rewards aren’t great, but they’re still pretty good for something that only takes a few minutes to complete. If you need help with other moments aboard the Xianzhou Luofu, such as how to complete the fired mission or where to find Yujinour Honkai StarRail Leader Have you covered?

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