Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Spirit Traces Adventure Mission

Even if you will visit other places through yours Honkai StarRail Journey different adventure missions bring you back to the space station Herta. An example is a series of quests about the elusive Xenohydro monster. Our guide will tell you how to complete and complete this short quest line mental traces adventure mission in Honkai StarRail.

How to unlock Ghost Trails quest

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The quest Spirit Traces is a continuation of a previous adventure mission called Always changing. Aside from getting that done first, I couldn’t tackle Spirit Traces until I was Trailblaze Level 33.

The quest starts with a message from Asta. She has received a mysterious letter related to the missing Xenohydro and she needs your help to figure things out. The quest will officially become available at the end of the message, but the first step will be to talk to her.

How to complete ghost tracks in Honkai Star Rail

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Go to Asta’s usual spot in the middle of the Master Control Zone. You’ll go back and forth with her about the letter and what it might mean.

A few clues will stand out after a quick conclusion. Thankfully, you don’t have to think about it for too long, as the quest markers will always point you in the right direction. The most noticeable clue is your next location: the Storage Zone.

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The exact location will be on the Upper floor of the storage zone. Fast travel to the Special Lab’s Space Anchor (second floor) and you’ll find that Capote is talking to his secretary, Lamina.

After listening to the awkward conversation, you can talk directly to Lamina about her side of the story and show her the letter. She’ll mention that she knows a few places the Xenohydro might be hiding and will come along to show you.

Xenohirdo location 1

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Your first guess will be on the first floor of the storage zone in the southwest room. You can go down the stairs and through some enemies or jump past them using the Space Anchor Outside the Control Center (First Floor). Lamina will be waiting for you on site.

The opportunity to ask her how she feels about Capote comes while you wait for the monster to appear. However, it never does, leading to her venturing into the adjacent room to search for clues.

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There are two tracks here:

  • On the computer screen.
  • Near the two big tubes.

Both can be seen in the screenshot above, denoted by their pulsing lights. Interact with both of them and Lamina will point you to another hiding place.

Xenohydro site 2

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This location in the Ghost Trails quest is on the same floor but in the northeast room. If you have unlocked the nearby ones Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Windyou can save a lot of time by traveling there quickly.

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Turn left and then head toward the room. Lamina doesn’t appear to be there, though an enemy lurks to ambush you. Attack them from the door before they can hit you first.

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This fight consists of two Voidranger: Reaver and two Voidranger: Distortions. These enemies are straight forward compared to those from the latter areas, and you’ve certainly seen plenty of combat during your time on Honkai Star Rail. As long as your team is at the right level, this shouldn’t take too long. Complete them and Lamina will appear. With no Xenohydro in sight, she heads to one last location.

Xenohydro site 3

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The last Xenohydro spot is practically directly above you on the second floor. Take the space elevator up or just use the special lab’s space anchor (second floor) and then go north.

Go to the far room to find Lamina again. If you want to be best prepared for what’s coming, bring a team consisting of Fire, windand or quantum Characters. Head into the room when you’re ready and she’ll be escorted by you along with a doppelganger. Say it out loud, and the other “you” will correctly reveal itself as Xenohydro.

Xenohydro fight

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Just like in the Ever Changing mission, it’s time to face off against the shapeshifter. The monster is shown as again Ice Cream from Outer Space Enemy weak to the above character types (Fire, Wind, and/or Quantum). Aside from his Everwinter Rain attack, which hits everyone and has a chance to freeze them, this is an easy fight.

My team wasn’t the best, but I still got along well Fire-Based Pathfinder (Path of Preservation) and Dan Heng covering weaknesses. March 7th and Natasha, meanwhile, were used for shields and healing respectively.

If I had to make a recommendation for someone who a Team of free characters, Remain can work wonders here. Make sure you save some skill points for them meteor storm Ability that can melt through the enemy’s stability bar very quickly due to being alone on the field.

Defeat it and you will have to talk to Lamina. She admits that she was an accomplice of the monster. Convince her to get over her self-doubt and then return to Asta to report everything that happened. The Ghost Trails quest is almost over.

Return to the Master Control Zone

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You will have a very brief dialogue with Asta which will involve her revealing that she wrote the letter. What seems more important to her is how Lamina is doing, who can be seen with a group of people surrounding Capote.

Head over to witness the fall of Capote’s fan club and Lamina’s newfound independence. Watching it all unfold is the final step before the end of this adventure mission.

This begins the Spirit Traces Adventure Mission Honkai StarRail is complete and the Xenohydro questline is over. If you have other groundbreaking concerns including how to add friendstake a look at our annex Honkai StarRail guide library.

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