Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete the Wish You Were Here Mission

As simple as the main groundbreaking missions are Honkai StarRailMany of the toughest choices are found in the side content of the game. Sometimes a series of choices lead to the same outcome, other times they can lead to completely different quests. Our guide will tell you how to complete the Wish You Were Here mission HSR.

How to Unlock the Wish You Were Here quest

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Unlocking the Wish You Were Here quest is based on a choice you make at the end of the quest Rarely Loving (Part 2). Pascal is a unique robot with a potentially dangerous problem. Clara will want to take care of Pascal, even if it comes with the emotional drain of having to keep putting him back Svarog I will prefer to reformat pascal to basic network.

Choosing to side with Clara will bring up a follow-up adventure mission Nobody answers appears after the next server reset. If you Choose to side with Svarogthe adventure mission “Wish You Were Here” becomes available instead after the server resets.

How to complete Wish You Were Here in Honkai Star Rail

Clara will send you a message about something strange when the new day dawns. Go to the robot settlement. You’ll find her alongside a group of three robots, which just so happen to be the ones Pascal spent most of his time as.

All the robots seem happy to see you and will greet you in the same way as Pascal did. Clara will explain that after Pascal was reformatted, her emotional intelligence (and apparently part of her memories) managed to persist and affect the three robots. In a way, this means that the adorable robot can live on in some way.

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The quest “I wish you were here” ends at the same time as the conversation. To make this mission extra special, you’ll also unlock a unique achievement called ” I linger for a breath.

How to find the flower from scrap iron

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While the Wish You Were Here mission is complete, there is one last thing to do. Clara will message you again once the server resets again. She will tell you to visit that temperature control workshop in Rivet Town. This is the same place Pascal ran back to in the previous mission.

Fast travel to the area with the nearby Abandoned Market Space Anchor and turn around to walk through the workshop. Go to the tables on the right and interact with the shiny object on the last one to find that Flower made of scrap iron.

This particular item is also acquired in the No One Answers mission, albeit more directly. Unless a mission is added in the future to use it, the item’s sole purpose is to make you sad or maybe happy depending on your setting.

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That covers everything you need to know about the Wish You Were Here mission Honkai StarRail. After the emotional punch to the pit of Rarely Affectionate (Part 2), it’s definitely nice that this film can end with a happy ending of sorts. For other accompanying questions, e.g How to complete the quest “Hook’s Gift”.our Honkai StarRail guide library has what you need.

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