Honkai Star Rail: How to Defeat Svarog

Svarog can be one of the tougher story bosses in Honkai: Starway, and if you want to get out of Belabog’s underground, you have to go through it. Like most enemies in the game, his attack list isn’t particularly long, but what he’s got packs a punch, and he has a three-mile health bar. Luckily, with the right setup and strategy, you can defeat Svarog.

Here’s how.

How to defeat Svarog in Honkai: Star Rail

Svarog immediately attacks as soon as the fight starts. As the battle progresses, he will use additional attacks. They are:

  • Burning Ray: A laser beam that emanates from Svarog’s palm and deals at least 200 damage. Svarog often uses it as an additional attack.
  • Smart bombing: A group-wide rocket fire that doesn’t deal much damage in a single attack, but stacks up significantly as more rockets arrive and can inflict multiple rounds of the Block Down debuff.
  • Banishing Blow: A basic Haymaker that deals as much damage as the Burning Ray, and Svarog often pairs the Strike and Ray together.
  • Boost Control: Svarog summons a robotic hand that grabs one of your party members Oppressive hug, remove them from your deployment and deal damage every turn for their turns. If it is allowed overload, It will explode over one of your party members, dealing at least 700 damage Controlled blast.

Those attacks are all Svarog can muster, but thanks to his hefty health bar, you can expect to be sent home if you don’t come with some sort of support character. We recommend either March 17th if you haven’t made many moves, but if you managed to snag Natasha, she’s an even better option. Heals and shields were essential during my fight with Svarog, and at this early point they will likely be in your fight as well unless you got really lucky with moves or spent some money to get better characters.

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Svarog is weak to Wind, Lightning, and Fire, so Dan Heng is great here for his single-target potential, and Serval, Asta, and Hook can also work wonders. Should you have 5 stars in your collection, especially if you have rerolled, Himeko, Bronya or Bailu can be very useful here.

However, be extra careful with the Boost Control mechanic. During my two fights against him where he leveled a main and an alt, he grabbed the one character that could cripple the fight for me. When he summons his robotic hand and uses Oppressive Embrace, immediately shift your focus to the hand. Lightning damage is ideal here, and if I hadn’t leveled Serval I can’t imagine how things would have gone.

Use your ultimate abilities liberally but intelligently. First and foremost, stop your support character and then use it to expand your party composition. When using follow-up attack characters, especially Clara, make sure they have the survivability to last through the entire fight. In other cases, provide characters with healing or shields as needed.

Once Svarog uses Shrewd Bombing once, the fight will be temporarily paused when Natasha and Sampo arrive. If the fight continues, all your characters with full ultimate powers will be fully healed. Don’t be afraid to unleash these powerful abilities right away, although your support ultimates are best held.

The fight will last a few minutes, but if you use your heals and shields judiciously, and break Svarog whenever possible, victory is all but certain. If you are looking for further help Honkai: Starwaywe have guides for you including a list of all achievement rewards, how to get stellar jadeAnd how to hire a support character. Our HSR leads hub has more.

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