Honkai: Star Rail — How to Get Equilibrium Level 2 and Break the Level Cap

Equilibrium is an important mechanism of progression in Honkai: Starway. Every few Trailblaze levels, you must complete an Equilibrium challenge to unlock max level for your characters. Equilibrium Level 2 unlocks your characters’ levels to a maximum of 50, thus providing access to more difficult content and then better rewards. Be aware that once you reach a new level of equilibrium it stays that way, so make sure you are prepared.

How to get balance level 2 in Honkai: Star Rail

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Reaching Trailblaze Level 30 will grant you the Trial of the Equilibrium: Part Two quest and direct you to the Corridor of Fading Echos on Jarilo-VI. This is the dungeon just before you fought Cocolia during the questline on this planet. The portal into the trial is closest to the Containimated Plaza Space Anchor. You will face two level 39 boss level enemies: Guardian’s Shadow and Stormbringer.

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There is no time limit for the trial version, nor are there other significant limitations. The only requirement is to defeat both bosses. Deal with the enemy that’s giving you trouble first so you don’t lose so much time if you fail. I chose the Guardian’s Shadow to start because while they don’t usually give me any problems, there have been times when I’ve struggled to beat them.

Against the shadow you should use physical, wind or quantum damage. If you manage to pull soul, she will do great. Physical Trailblazer and Dan Heng are also good choices. Watch what attacks or actions the shadow forbids, as performing those actions will trigger an instant counterattack. When the Guardian’s Shadow builds stacks, attack as often as possible to make its strongest attack weaker.

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Fighting the Stormbringer is all about dealing with his arrow attack. When it starts charging up its energy arrow, do whatever you can to break the boss, and if you can’t, have a support ability (preferably an ult) ready. His other attacks are less problematic, although they can apply the Wind Shear DoT.

Once both bosses are defeated, you will have completed the second Balance Trial and Honkai: StarwayThe level cap of will be raised again for you. For more help and advice see our others Honkai: Starway Leader.

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