Honkai: Star Rail — How to Get Equilibrium Level 3

You have already unlocked Equilibrium Level 2 Honkai: StarRail, and you have reached Trailblaze Level 40. But how do you reach Equilibrium Level 3? If you want to progress further you need to unlock this next level, which can be achieved by completing Trial of the Equilibrium: Part Three. Our guide below will walk you through each step.

How to Unlock Equilibrium Level 3 in Honkai: Star Rail

Once you reach Trailblaze Level 40, a new Universal Equilibrium Trailblaze mission will appear in your journal and prompt you to leave Great mine In Jarilo VI and complete a new attempt. You must complete the following tasks:

  • Complete the War Expedition
  • Survive enemy waves in Trial of Balance

How to complete Warring Expedition

Once you enter the Great Mine after accepting the mission, go to the marker on the map and enter the Warring Expedition. Here you will face two level 50 enemies:

  • Voidranger: Trampler
  • Cold Drifter

Voidranger: Trampler (level 50) has 22,649 HP, 234 ATK and 700 DEF. This enemy deals quantum damage but has numerous weaknesses such as: B. physical, wind and imaginary. Beware of the End of Arc attack, which not only deals massive damage but also causes Entanglement. The best characters I’ve found to use against this enemy are Clara, bronyaAnd wheal.

Frigid Prowler (level 50) has 24,708 HP, 234 ATK and 700 DEF. This bug’s main damage type is Ice, and its main weaknesses are Fire, Lightning, and Quantum. You’ll need to be extra careful when this enemy activates the Ice Wheel Crusher attack, which in addition to dealing massive ice damage, also deals Deep Freeze. I’ve found that the characters who get along with Frigid Prowler quickly are the best himeko, BailuAnd Soul.

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How to survive enemy waves in balance test

In addition to the two enemies listed above, you must overcome two waves of enemies including:

  • wave 1: 1x Frigid Prowler (Level 50)
  • wave 2: 1x Voidranger: Trampler (Level 50), 2x Voidranger: Reaver (Level 50)

Frigid Prowler and Voidranger: Trampler behave the same as before, but Voidranger: Reaver isn’t as difficult to defeat as the other two. Having two of these in the second wave isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

Voidranger: Reaver (level 50) has 3,089 HP, 234 ATK and 700 DEF. Its main source of damage is imaginary and its main weaknesses are physical damage and lightning. None of his skills deal much damage, but they tend to increase movement speed significantly as battle progresses. Use Clara or Bailu easy to deal with this enemy.

Once you’ve survived both enemy waves, Trial of Equilibrium: Part Three is complete and you’ll unlock Equilibrium Level 3, which allows you to advance to Trailblaze Level 50, as well as use the Relic Synthesis mechanic, which allows you to craft relics.

That’s all you need to know to reach Equilibrium Level 3 Honkai: StarRail. Check out our page for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs Honkai: StarRail guides hub.

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