Honkai: Star Rail — How to Get the Bad Ending

Did you know you can cope? Honkai: StarRail Once Chapter I reaches the end? This ending cuts the rest of the story off, but if you want to experience a completely unique endgame cutscene that you wouldn’t see otherwise, see our guide below on how to trigger it.

How to get the bad ending in HSR

This alternate early ending can only be triggered in the first chapter of the Trailblaze main story, during “Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow” on the Herta space station. There are seven main missions in this chapter, but you can end the game early because Mission 6: The Journey Continues ends badly. You can Do this by declining Himeko’s offer to join Astral Express.

The option to trigger the bad ending appears right after completing the first beta test mission, “Simulated Universe”. After that you will have to engage in a series of dialogues with different characters and your answers/decisions will have to be exactly as we have listed below.

Step 1: Get Herta’s permission

Herta is standing next to her office on the space station. Provide the following answers to their questions.

  1. Herta: “You still haven’t decided? Fine. Since I’m interested in you, I’ll answer all your questions.”
    • Answer: “About the decision…
  2. Herta: “Uh, what decision? You have to be more specific.”
    • Answer: “Can I return to the space station?
  3. Herta: “I think it’s better if you go and come back from time to time. It could be dangerous if you stay too long…”
    • Answer: “Can I stay on the space station?
  4. Herta: “Just drop by from time to time. You are always welcome on the space station – just don’t stay too long.”
    • Answer: “I really want to stay.
  5. Herta: “If you really want to stay… Good. I agree. Go and talk to Asta. She is the lead researcher. She’s in charge.”
    • Answer: “let me think about it

After this dialogue, Herta basically grants you permission to return to the space station and stay there. But then you need to talk to Asta about it too.

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Step 2: Get permission from Asta

Now you need to find Asta on the space station. She usually wanders around near Herta’s office. Once you find them, provide the following answers:

  1. Asta: “It’s a pity we couldn’t talk much, and now the express is leaving. Do you have any questions?”
    • Answer: “Herta says I can stay.
  2. Asta: “Huh? Did Frau Herta say that? In that case…I don’t mind either.”
    • Answer: “I really can’t help?
  3. Asta: “I think you’re pretty good at meddling, too.”
    • Answer: “let me think about it

At this point you will also get permission from Asta. The last step is to tell Himeko that you have decided to stay at the station.

Step 3: Tell Himeko you want to stay

You can find Himeko on the train platform where Astral Express normally takes you to the Warp Between Worlds and Jarilo-VI. However, if you choose the following answers, this option will no longer be available:

  1. Himeko: “So, have you thought everything through?”
    • Answer: “I decided. I will stay.
  2. Himeko: “Stay? But Herta…”
    • Answer: “Herta and Asta both gave me the green light.
  3. Himeko: Is that so? Well, I respect your decision.”
    • Answer: “See you then, Himeko.

This last option ends the game and you cannot continue the story. You’ll see the bad ending cutscene and the credits will roll when it’s over. You return to the home screen. If you start the game again, the option to exit the game in Chapter I will no longer be available.

That’s all you need to know to get the bad ending Honkai: StarRail. Check out our page for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs Honkai: StarRail guides hub.

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