Honkai Star Rail: How to Increase Trailblaze Level

Trailblaze Level is one of the most important progress metrics in Honkai: Starway, with many of the game’s activities, areas, and even quest progress behind a level requirement. Luckily, earning Trailblaze EXP to level up is pretty easy, provided you know where to look and how to maximize your winnings. We’ll cover all of that in this guide.

How to increase Trailblaze level in Honkai: Starway

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There are many ways to earn Trailblaze EXP, and most are fairly consistent in their reward amount, frequency, and ability to be farmed.

You won’t rack up thousands upon thousands of EXP overnight, certainly not in the beginning, but there are a few best practices to focus on as you progress through Honkai: Star Rail’s story.

  • Complete Calyx activities. The arboreal Calyxes are probably the most rewarding, grindable activities to offer Trailblaze EXP. You can farm these battle challenges for upgrade materials, currency, and experience if you have Trailblaze Power, which regenerates a point every five minutes, up to a maximum of 180.
  • Complete all missions presented to you. The many mission types in the game are the best source of Trailblaze EXP. And don’t think that only the main missions offer the best regards. Companion missions, which occur when you interact with the world through dialogues, text messages, etc., also grant solid EXP. Adventure missions (side quests by another name) are even more plentiful. Talk to everyone you meet to get the most out of your grind.
  • Complete the daily training. By completing your daily mission and the five stages of daily training, you can easily earn over 1000 Trailblaze EXP with relatively little effort.
  • Complete the briefing tasks. Not the most efficient method, but you’ll get 100 EXP per task completed, and the rewards for going through the briefing are worth it.
  • Open chests that you find in the world. Chests don’t give much Trailblaze EXP, but they do offer materials, currency, and other necessities, though some are guarded by tough monsters.
  • Catch a warp trotter. These stocky but otherwise harmless beasts hide out in the various dungeons of Honkai: Starway. They don’t attack, but you only have three turns to defeat them before they run away and you’ll have to reload the area to encounter them again. Defeating them will also grant you currency, materials, and a tidy sum of Trailblaze EXP.
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These are the main methods you will use to farm Trailblaze EXP Honkai: Starway. Unless you’re incredibly efficient with your farming, expect to spend at least a couple of days leveling up before you can accept locked quests. For more content see HSRcheck out our guides how to use memory bubbles, Character damage types and enemy weaknessesand more inside our guides hub.

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